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MEMORIAL benches, windows and doors have all been smashed by vandals at a Cheadle recreation ground.
Police are investigating reports of regular damage at Tean Road rec after being called three times in three weeks.
Concerns young people are using an old bowling pavilion at the site as a venue to drink and do drugs could see the wooden building demolished.
Cheadle Town Council, which administers the ground, will debate whether to repair the small pavilion or to demolish it, at a meeting on Monday, October 2.
Chairman of Cheadle Bowling Club, Brian Whitehurst, slammed the actions of youths who have damaged the crown green’s surface and appealed for more action to be taken to prevent vandalism escalating.
Clerk to Cheadle Town Council, Helen Hunter, said: “There has been quite a bit of anti-social behaviour and we’ve had a lot of damage at the small bowling pavilion.
“They have smashed the locks off, the doors were smashed in to the sink unit and windows were broken from the inside.
“Three memorial benches have been smashed and we have had to take the plaques off them to keep them safe.
“They set off fire extinguishers and have just caused rampant damage.
“We have secured the pavilion two or three times over the last weeks with new locks and bars, but they’ve just been kicked in again.
“We have been told it’s where some of the older youths are having parties, they are underage drinking, there is evidence of drug use and then the criminal damage.
“I don’t understand why.
“It has been an on-going problem – the police did catch two people in the football shed, but they seem to have moved to the small pavilion now.
“The council is always looking to get grants for new equipment, but it costs a lot of money, which is why we have to keep applying for grants. And in the meantime we’re paying out again for repairs.
“The police did suggest providing a shelter for them, but the last one we had they jumped on the roof and we had to take it down.
“It’s a shame that the small minority spoil it for the majority of people who want to just come and meet up with their mates and have a bit of fun.”
The recent spate of vandalism seems to have been targeted at the bowling green and surrounds at Tean Road rec, the home of Cheadle Bowling Club. One of the greens belongs solely to the club and is carefully managed to ensure the surface is kept smooth and has the required ‘crown’ or slight mound in the middle which affects the way the game is played.
Chairman at the club, Brian Whitehurst, said: “One of our members is down there regularly and has seen 20 or 30 youths kicking a football or riding bikes on the green.
“The crown green is specially maintained to provide the correct playing surface and we’re finding stones in it and tyre marks caused by bikes.
“It is vandalism. We don’t mind if the town council take down that small pavilion. It was donated many years ago, but it had a felt roof and youngsters kept pulling the felt off.
“The water got in and ruined the inside, so it’s all rotten now and we don’t use it any more.
“It’s frustration really. The town clerk does a great job keeping it all running, but it just seems there isn’t any back up when this kind of thing happens.
“We pay an additional fee for the upkeep of the green, so we shouldn’t have to deal with damage to the green or the pavilion.
“About six weeks ago there were a group of lads sitting near the green and we asked them if they wanted a go, but they weren’t interested because they think it’s an old man’s game.
“We had a couple of lads interested but when our backs were turned they used the bowls as shot puts and damaged the surface again.
“It would be nice for younger people to get involved – a lot of people move on to bowls from cricket or football – but at the moment all they seem to be interested in is causing damage.
“There hasn’t been any great damage to the green, but it seems like that could happen if things carry on.”
Police are investigating a series of incidents at Tean Road recreation ground and have issued a Section 59 to a motor scooter rider spotted driving in the park.
Cheadle Police Community Support Officer, Paula Lowndes, said: “Although we don’t know who is doing it, we do think it is teenagers, though we can’t be sure and we are checking the area when we can.”
Anyone with information about the damage at the park can contact police on 101.

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