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Watering holes gain awards

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Watering holes gain awards

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TWO public houses have been recognised for being great real ale venues. The Uttoxeter and District branch of Campaign for Real Ale has recently dished out a number of awards – including one for a 'Rising Star' pub and another which has been named as Pub of the Season for the area. Chairman of the branch, Simon Ardron, said: “In CAMRA we are known for our support for real ale, but real ale needs to be served fresh and the best place for that is a pub, for that reason we also support and recognise the important role pubs play in serving real ale but also the community.

There are several factors that make a good pub, many of these contribute to it being a great pub. If you ask ten people, “what makes a great pub?” you will probably get 11 different answers. “However, I’m sure that at the top of the list for at least nine of them would be: great beer and great staff with the location and interior being up there.

In summer, a beer garden and rural location adds to the allure of a great pub for the season.

In CAMRA there is an image of old men with beards and bellies pontificating about obscure beers that no one has ever heard of.

In Uttoxeter and District that only describes a few of us but we are all passionate about beer quality and great pubs.

More importantly we know that pubs should include everybody and being family friendly is important to many people.

Incidentally a third of the national executive are women showing that real ale and good pubs aren’t just about old men.”

CAMRA is currently running a campaign to promote pubs with ‘The Summer of Pubs’ which began on May 24 and is running until August 26.

In the Uttoxeter and district area the branch has recognised two pubs recently – that of the New Broom in Checkley and The Raddle in Hollington.

Simon said: “Both may not fit what some people consider to be traditional, but both meet the criteria; good beer, good staff and being summer, family friendly with a beer garden too.

Both pubs have had good beer scores for quality from the CAMRA members who have visited these pubs as well as excelling in the other criteria too.”

Simon said of the New Broom in Checkley which has been awarded with a ‘Rising Star’ accolade: “It is a pub that has had something of a chequered history, with many uses in an attempt to find its market over the last 15 years.

Being part of the Marston’s empire, it has been kept open during its troubled period.

However, Phil took over as landlord of the New Broom in Checkley at the start of this year and has made some great improvements.

He has fully supported CAMRA and offers a variety of real ales with four being common and not all from the usual Marston’s stable.

In addition, there is a comprehensive food offering.

We are expecting great things from this pub and wish Phil and his team every success.”

The second award for the ‘Summer Pub of the Season’ has been awarded to The Raddle in Hollington.

Simon said: “This accolade recognises a pub that as well as being in the 2019 Good Beer Guide, also has a reputation of being family friendly.

The biggest difference between the two pubs is that Peter has run the Raddle, Hollington successfully for many years.

This pub is a great place to visit, with four real ales consistently on sale and a good range of meals available.

It is a lunchtime favourite with both families and walkers, with a nice pub garden to sit in, weather permitting of course, and views over the valley to Croxden Abbey and beyond.”

Anyone wishing to find out more about the Uttoxeter & District CAMRA branch can contact Simon at

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