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Visor design boosts school PPE production

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23 APR

Visor design boosts school PPE production

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VISORS designed by a Uttoxeter school teacher are being copied around the world as schools and businesses scramble to provide kit for frontline medics. Graeme Quigley, Head of Design and Technology at Thomas Alleyne’s High School, created a reusable visor design that can be made in school using a laser cutter. Organisations and schools across the UK – and the world – are using Graeme’s design after he posted a video tutorial which has now been downloaded more than 6,000 times.

The visors – which are crucial to frontline NHS staff and key workers – are being produced by a team of four staff members at the school and more than 1,500 are expected to be on their way to NHS staff by next week. Graeme was inspired by work he saw from other schools on Facebook and realised it would be feasible to produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) using resources at Alleyne’s.

With an initial donation from the school, Graeme and his colleague, Trevor Swindlehurst, made a prototype using poly-carbonate and took this to the Royal Stoke Hospital for trials and testing. The design passed with flying colours and production in school began using a laser cutter and bespoke design press.

The team of two has increased to a team of four who are able to work safely to produce the equipment together. At least 300 masks have been produced so far along with ear protectors, which are made using the 3D printer to prevent cuts to ears from surgical masks worn by care workers. 260 of these have been made with more underway.

The PPE has received lots of positive feedback; primarily for the sturdy design but also because they can be dismantled and sterilised for reuse and are more environmentally friendly. The school has already been able to donate masks freely to many local key workers including Leighton Hospital, Sudbury Prison, St Mary’s Mount Care Home, community pharmacies and Balance Street District Nurses.

Graeme said: “I feel that as we have the facilities in school to help, we need to do all we can to support healthcare workers in the local community.”

The school will continue to produce masks for as long as possible and has already received some donations to continue this work. One student sold tomato plants to raise £50 for the project and other students in the key-worker school, inspired by Captain Tom Moore, raised £100. Students and staff members have also donated money to support this work.

A senior member of staff at the school praised the efforts of the design and technology team, saying: “we are a community school and are proud to support our NHS key workers and healthcare workers through the fantastic work of Graeme and his team.”

INNOVATION at The JCB Academy in Rocester has seen production of visors rocket in recent days. The engineering team at the Academy started to print visors for NHS staff two weeks ago, but were using a 3D printer which took up to an hour to make just one. Now the team have switched to using a laser cutter and have seen their workshop production line make 70 masks in a single day. Members of the engineering team at the Academy combined resources with a colleague from Thistley Hough Academy in Stoke-on-Trent to create visors using equipment in school. The visors have been delivered to a range of different organisations throughout Derbyshire and Staffordshire including A&E at Queens Hospital, Burton, the Royal Stoke Hospital and Harplands Hospital as well as West Midlands Ambulance Service and other local NHS services.

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