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Village pub purchased by community

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11 APR

Village pub purchased by community

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A VILLAGE pub has been saved by a community group. The Shrewsbury Arms in Kingstone closed its doors in May last year and following public meetings held in the village hall in October the Kingstone Community Society was formed with the vision of establishing a community hub within the property. Since then, the society has been working hard to raise the funds needed to purchase the property which went under an auctioneer's hammer last Wednesday – April 3.

Despite the reserve price of £300,000 not being met, the society was successful in agreeing a purchase price of £290,000 with the pub’s owners.

Society member Donna Timmis said: “As the hammer went down the auctioneer declared that the lot had not reached its £300,000 reserve.

It was so tense. We couldn’t believe the reserve put on it. There were gasps in the auction room when no sale was announced.

However, Bill Pearson and Jonny Grey of the Kingstone Community Society then successfully negotiated to buy the property for £290,000 and secured the future of the Shrewsbury Arms as a community pub.

The room was packed with supporters and shareholders of the KCS and no one wanted to leave.

Fortunately we were altogether when the call came through to say we had got the pub and the biggest cheer went up.”

The society’s next challenge is to re-furbish The Shrewsbury Arms with the aim of re-opening the public house as soon as possible.

The estimated cost for the refurbishment is in the region of £20,000.

For further details visit search @SaveOurShrew on Twitter or Kingstone Community Society on Facebook.

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