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Vicky’s daily 5k ‘run as a bun’ challenge for rabbit retreat

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26 OCT

Vicky’s daily 5k ‘run as a bun’ challenge for rabbit retreat

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A RUNNER from Uttoxeter is taking on a 5k daily challenge for a rabbit rescue - dressed as a bunny. Vicky Fletcher, 49, is hoping to raise funds for Rabbits Choice Rescue and Retreat, which is funded and run by Cherri Blanche at her Uttoxeter home. But Cherri and her family are moving house and a new 8’x10’ shed will be needed for the animals she cares for.

Cherri has been rescuing rabbits for more than 17 years and has run the rabbit rescue centre from her home for the last two years, where she works with the bunnies to help them get used to human contact and find a new home.

Cherri added: “I’ve rescued rabbits from awful situations and also hand-reared babies who lost their mum, or taken in pregnant females due to people’s lack of knowledge.

“Vaccinations alone can be more than £100 per rabbit, with neutering slightly more expensive.

“There is a misconception that a rabbit is an easy animal to care for, but I must stress this is not the case.

“People need to understand and fulfil the requirements of looking after a rabbit before they buy, to avoid their pet ending up in a rescue centre. A permanent forever home is always best.”

Vicky’s two pet rabbits Ethel and Dot stay with Cherri when Vicky is on holiday and she was keen to help support Cherri’s work with rescue animals.

Cherri said: “We can’t thank Vicky enough for her kind generosity. What was once just a professional relationship between myself and Vicky, due to her rabbits boarding with us, to now – I can honestly say she’s become a true friend going above and beyond to help us in lots of different ways.

“Her hard work is truly paying off too. We’ve been flooded with so many donations from Vicky’s ‘Run as a bun’ honestly one of the most caring ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and her bunnies Ethel and Dot show just how caring she is.

“Not many people are as caring as Vicky these days and we can’t thank her enough.

“From the rabbits and staff at The Rabbits Choice Rescue & Retreat (previously known as Rabbits for Rescue Rehabilitation and Adoption in Uttoxeter), a big well done and thank you to all your hard work Vicky!”

Vicky will ‘Run as a bun’ daily up to Friday, tackling a different 5km route each day in a bid to raise as much awareness – and as many donations – as possible.

Vicky said: “I was just trying to think of a way to help Cherri. She’s almost entirely self-funded, so I wanted to find a way to raise money quickly.

“I’m running 5k every day Monday to Friday this week and I decided to dress as a bunny so I’d be more visible and hopefully raise awareness of what we’re trying to do.

“I thought it I did something embarrassing, that makes me look stupid, then more people will notice what I’m doing and Amazon Prime do next-day delivery on rabbit costumes!”

Vicky is also donating to the cause and is urging people to help support the rabbit rescue charity by donating here.

Vicky added: “I’m going to be running on the most noticeable routes I can think of, so if anyone in the Uttoxeter area sees me pootling around, please give me a wave or a toot and donate!”


Cherri advises people to consider the following points before choosing a rabbit as a pet:

  • Rabbits have a life span of around 15 years – a pet rabbit is a long-term commitment
  • Vet care for rabbits can cost more than £100 a year
  • Basic care such as food and bedding can cost around £200 a year
  • Rabbits need time outside their hutch, wither in an outdoor run, or indoors
  • Rabbits need regular cleaning out, even in winter and sometimes daily
  • Vaccinations are essential and can cost more than £100
  • Rabbits need social time with their owner every day
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