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Vandals on rampage at rec

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24 AUG

Vandals on rampage at rec

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A WRECKING spree at Tean Road recreation ground has left two football teams with no facilities at the start of a new season. Officials preparing for the first match kick off discovered the interior of the changing rooms at the rec had been smashed up in recent weeks. An internal wall, roofing and windows have been torn out and furniture ripped apart inside the building.

Officials for the Cheadle Rovers and the Bird in Hand teams were called in to clear out hundreds of pounds worth of kit for fear it would be damaged beyond repair.
One football official, who did not want to be named, said: “It’s unbelievable – we were gutted. When we saw it for the first time, we just couldn’t believe what had gone on.
“They haven’t done anything where it’s visible – they’ve come in through the back and they’ve trashed the place inside.
“We’ve had to take all the equipment out. I don’t know what we’re going to do when the season starts.
“It wasn’t the best changing room in the world, but we had a room for the home team, one for the away team and a little referees room.
“The season finished in April, but the changing rooms look like they’ve been abandoned for years.
“The new season starts in three weeks time and the teams have got nowhere to get changed or put their stuff.
“There’s been an on-going problem with vandalism at the recreation ground, but this was just something else.
“They’ve wrecked the place.”
Drug paraphernalia was found inside the building along with heaps of rubbish and several cannisters which usually contain nitrous oxide.
Under the Psychoactive Substances Act of 2016, nitrous oxide – or ‘laughing gas’ – is banned for use as a drug, although it is readily available for as little as £3 online for use in the preparation of food and drink.
Cheadle Town Council manages Tean Road recreation ground and has to pick up the cost of repairs following incidents of vandalism.
Town Mayor Ian Plant, along with fellow town councillor Alan Banks, worked on an improvement project at the park which saw new play equipment for youngsters unveiled earlier this summer.
Cllr Plant said: “Having gone to look at the damage for myself, I discovered two leather settees are now in the building. It beggars belief!
“Somebody must have seen people carrying two settees across the park.
“We really need more help from the police – more stringent controls are required now.
“This will have to go on the agenda for the next council meeting in September. It’s got to be a council decision what happens next.
“I feel sorry for the footballers, but what do we do? It’s not fair on the football teams.
“The changing rooms were adequate, they weren’t great, but we’ve managed with them up to now, it’s just these last few years – it’s been wanton vandalism.
“This won’t deter us from trying to improve things.
“I think we’ll have to get somebody in to see how much it will cost to secure the building.
“We’ve had bits of vandalism before, but nothing on the scale of what’s happening now.
“You go down every day and there’s something else been done. Often it’s a broken door or we need to replace a lock, but you’re looking at a minimum of around £50 a time and you only need 10 of those incidents for it to be a £500 bill. We can’t keep throwing money at it.
“The changing rooms are necessary and important, they are on our list to do and hopefully that will be part of the next stage of improvements at the park.
“I just wish whoever’s doing this would come to tell us what they wanted instead of vandalising everything.
“Hopefully when the new youth club starts up they might find something to do there.”

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  • It was a place for them to chill but that's no excuse for them to vandalize it. Why can't the council build a basic building, with cameras hidden in it, a place for the teens to chillax in? What about the room by the bowling green? Full of glass. They smashed a window to get in originally and it escalated out of control. Get the teens involved in raising money for new football facilities & a chill out zone.
    Written by Baffled, August 28, 2018 - Reply
  • What are our wonderful boys in blue doing in Cheadle to stop things like this...precisely nothing...oh sorry speed cans everywhere....waste of money. time Cheadle had some proper policing not Muppets in cars and vans....Cheadle is going downhill facilities crap roads no shops no police....councillors who don't care....nothing for the young so it's inevitable...get some police on the best in the night there's no crime in the day...
    Written by Steve, August 28, 2018 - Reply
  • Build the teenagers a brick building, just a shell, that they can call their own, decorate, provide seating, etc. It doesn't need doors nor windows, just somewhere for them to go.
    Written by Feel Sorry 4 bored teens but don't appreciate vandalism, August 29, 2018 - Reply


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