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Uttoxeter SIDS record high speeds on residential streets

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16 NOV

Uttoxeter SIDS record high speeds on residential streets

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SPEEDS of over 100mph have been recorded on residential streets in Uttoxeter. Speed Indication Devices (SIDS) which tell drivers how fast they are going and indicate whether or not their speed is over the limit, also record data on motorists, including how fast they are travelling and at what time.

The signs were bought by Uttoxeter Town Council earlier this year in response to concerns over speeding in the town, particularly in some streets such as New Road.

The town council discussed data from the SIDS at its monthly meeting last week.

Town Mayor Cllr Chris Sylvester said: “I worry about the readings in New Road by the petrol station. There are several over 100mph and several either at 80 or 90mph.”

However, while the readings indicate some motorists are driving at high speed, overall, the majority are compliant with speed limits around the town.

Cllr Mark Crutchley said: “When you look through, you’ve got a vehicle – a motorbike – going towards the Three Tuns at around 9.30pm doing 107mph.

“However New Road is actually very compliant – 85% is per the speed limit.”

Cllr Phil Hudson, who is a town, borough and county councillor, explained that the signs were helping reduce speed in Stafford Road, where the speed limit recently changed from 40mph to 3mph.

Cllr Hudson, who also leads Uttoxeter’s Community Speed Watch group, said: “They are having quite an effect.

“We were out on Monday and would normally be getting 90 to 100 people driving over the speed limit.

“There were 33 on Monday. It was bit ridiculous because we’d got SIDS and Community Speed Watch volunteers and still got people speeding – but it is starting to have an effect.”

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