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Uttoxeter highways improvements to be in place within a year

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Uttoxeter highways improvements to be in place within a year

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A SERIES of highways improvements in Uttoxeter are set to be implemented within a year by Staffordshire County Council (SCC).

Changes to parking restrictions near the town’s leisure centre, train station and Market Place will all be brought in during the current financial year.

Uttoxeter Town Council’s plans to create an ‘Area of Reflection’ around the War Memorial in Market Place are not included in the strategy, which was spearheaded by County Councillor David Brookes.

At a meeting of the town council on Tuesday, June 9, Cllr Philip Hudson said: “It seems that we spent a lot of time looking at this strategy, we put a lot of time and effort into it. We haven’t had a reply as such saying what’s happening. “Cllr Brookes had an article in the paper saying it’s been rubber-stamped by the county council, but I’m not sure what we are getting. Is it what we put forward? Has he listened, or are we getting what we’re getting?”

The town council agreed to write to the county council to ask for an update on the parking strategy. Strategic Community Infrastructure Manager at Staffordshire County Council, Richard Rayson, outlined the new measures that are due to be implemented in the coming weeks and months.

In an email to Cllr Brookes and the town council, Mr Rayson said: “The review of parking in Uttoxeter has been ongoing for some time and has involved a number of discussions between the county and key stakeholders to ensure that the review is robust and meets the original brief that you outlined to us back in 2017.

“Since we first produced the feasibility report, discussions have centred around the outcomes we were seeking to achieve and throughout our discussions these have evolved as we engaged with partners. Seeking funding has also been an issue and we have needed to be mindful of what we could deliver within extremely tight financial constraints.

“Cllr Brookes has been key to ensuring that both the design and delivery of this project remain on track and that any slippages are managed and to ensure that the scheme gained the financial and political support for its delivery, against other competing demands in the county that recognises the importance Uttoxeter plays in the economic development within East Staffordshire.”

The agreed schemes that we are seeking to deliver this financial year include:

  • Measures to improve visibility and pedestrian safety at the Smithfield Road/Stone Road junction.
  • Measures to improve safety along Stone Road by introducing on street restrictions near to the leisure centre.
  • Relaxation of restrictions along Hockley Road by removing hatched areas installed when JCB were situated in the town.
  • Introducing restrictions around the train station, following redevelopment to deter day parking and overnight HCV use.
  • Measures to review the current timed restrictions in the market area set up for the market and introduction of additional parking.
  • Changes to the area by the war memorial that deter parking, prove benches and to relocate the Armistice Day statue away from this area other than for a period of reflection around Armistice Day.
  • Review of current restrictions along Cheadle Road and signage review.
  • Review of restrictions in Park Street to promote a return of the bus service.

The measures have been approved for delivery this financial year, however, current Covid-19 restrictions have delayed the consultation process. Additional works are planned for a ‘safe walking route’ between the town centre and the retail park by installing a crossing point in Bridge Street and a charging point for electric vehicles in Market Place, changes to the splitter island at the junction of Dove Bank and Town Meadows Way.

SCC is also ‘in dialogue’ with the developer at Bramshall Meadows with a view to replacing plans for an island at the Silver Street/Dove Bank junction by making changes to the junction, relocating the pedestrian crossing and introducing new restrictions in Back Lane.

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1 Comment

  • What about all the side roads where folks will try and cram in parking because they will not pay the charges I hope this council especially councillor Brookes has this covered
    Written by, June 24, 2020 - Reply


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