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Uttoxeter coffee drinkers will be able to help third-world communities

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Uttoxeter coffee drinkers will be able to help third-world communities

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BEAR coffee company has announced an exciting new partnership with The Dignity Project. The company, which has four coffee shops including one in Uttoxeter, announced their new partnership with the The Dignity Project on International Women's Day, Friday, March 8, a day which celebrates the strength and empowerment of women all around the world. A spokesman for BEAR said: “Behind every great woman is a young girl who was given a chance.

In order to develop into strong women, young girls must first be provided with education, basic resources and – in turn – opportunity.

A study conducted by UNESCO revealed that one in 10 girls in Africa miss school every month due to limited or no access to sanitary products, and little awareness of how to manage their period effectively.

This is an inevitable part of life for every woman, yet there is still such a stigma and – particularly in poverty-stricken countries – a lack of awareness around female well-being and menstrual hygiene.”

The Dignity Project is a program led by UK based charity, OneByOne which sends groups of dedicated volunteers to visit communities in many third-world nations to offer valuable biological training as well as educating the girls on the dangers of human trafficking and sexual abuse.

The charity also distributes Dignity Bags to every girl who goes through the project which contain reusable sanitary products, underwear and information leaflets on their personal well-being and safety.

BEAR, whose coffee shop in Uttoxeter is located in the High Street, is now collaborating with OneByOne’s Dignity Project to support the work they are doing to initiate some regular funding for the scheme.

The BEAR spokesman said: “BEAR are currently profiling a single origin coffee from Kenya to retail in the UK and the USA, from which 100 per cent of profits will be donated to aid the development and continued delivery of The Dignity Project.

Funds raised will be used to create and improve resources given out in Dignity Bags, provide food and refreshments for the girls at each event, and ensure representatives from the local authorities are in attendance to support volunteers.”

Becky Murray, Founder & President of OneByOne, added: “So far, The Dignity Project has helped 8,092 girls across four countries.

With BEAR’s help, we will continue to develop the program overall and increase our reach.

Our goal is to reach 20,000 girls before the end of 2020, expanding out of Africa and launching into Asia and South America too.”
The co-branded coffee is set to appear as a guest roast across all BEAR sites for a limited time, which will give customers the opportunity to try it before they buy it.

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