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Trucks banned from weekly NHS Thanks

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Trucks banned from weekly NHS Thanks

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A haulage company owner has been told he cannot send out his trucks around a Moorlands town as part of the weekly Clap for Our Carers – due to it not being an ‘essential’ journey.

A haulage company owner has been told he cannot send out his trucks around a Moorlands town as part of the weekly Clap for Our Carers – due to it not being an ‘essential’ journey.

As the country continues to be in lockdown due to the on-going battle with coronavirus, everyone is being urged not to drive unless for ‘essential’ journeys.

Last week, during Thursday’s mass thank you to the nation’s key workers, MJS Transport, which is based in Cheadle, had four of it’s trucks go through the streets of Cheadle, flashing their lights and sounding their horns as their way of saying thank you and also in a bid to enhance community spirit.

The following day, Mick Shirley, who owns the business, was visited by Staffordshire Police who informed him that there had been complaints about the noise of the lorries, and officers also gave Mr Shirley advice about only making essential journeys at this time.

Mr Shirley told the Times & Echo: “The police came to me on Friday. They asked about us going out on Thursday at 8pm and said they had had some complaints about the noise, which I said well we were blowing the horns, and that we could refrain from doing that next time.

But then they responded asking if it was an essential journey, to which I said I guess not in the current circumstances. I did say that we stuck to the social distancing guidelines with none of the drivers getting out of their cabs.

I also asked why the police are not following the same rules. They have been driving to the hospital, stopping there with their blue lights on etc.

I was then told that they are just going to stop wherever they are next time and put the blue lights on and clap.”

Mr Shirley further told the Times & Echo: “To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about sending out the trucks but it was the Clap for our Carers, and it was captain Tom Moore’s birthday, and also we had found out that day that one of the lads who worked for us had sadly passed away. We wanted to do something to honour all of them.”

Mr Shirley added: “I understand the police point of view and we did try to follow the rules.

It went down well with the community as we had lots of good feedback online, but if the police have had complaints, we need to respond to that.

We don’t want to offend anyone – you can’t please everyone.”

A spokesman for Staffordshire Police confirmed that the force had visited MJS Transport after receiving complaints about the haulage company’s participation in Thursday’s Clap for our Carers. They said: “Staffordshire Police received a number of complaints from members of the public reporting the noise from a number of lorries driving around Cheadle beeping their horns for approximately an hour on Thursday evening (April 30).

Officers visited a local haulage company and gave advice about essential travel.”

When asked about police cars, and other emergency service vehicles, congregating outside hospitals for the Clap for our Carers every Thursday, the spokesman said: “Officers are encouraged to join residents in the county to recognise the work of key workers while on duty but not to travel unless they are already at a location for operational reasons.”

See page 21 of this week’s paper to see readers’ comments on MJS Transport’s contribution to last week’s Clap for our Carers. If you are unable to get out to purchase the paper, you can subscribe to read the full paper online at

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  • How pathetic that people have complained! It was a wonderful gesture to lift local people's spirits in these uncertain times!
    Written by Jean Morgan, May 6, 2020 - Reply
  • No way, it was amazing, thank you. Unsure why what the complainants could be, social distancing was inforcore. Personally would like to see comments of people's complaints, not interested in names.
    Written by Donna tatton, May 6, 2020 - Reply
  • How pathetic. This was a bright moment in a somewhat difficult time. Once again the few spoil things for the majority. As for essential travel what about the drivers speeding up and down Tean Road. Police don't seem to be interested in these people. You can't tell me that they're on essential journeys.
    Written by Withheld, May 6, 2020 - Reply
  • What miserable, useless people they are complaining about that. It was something to look forward to , life is hard enough at the moment. I think this is a very wrong decision caused by the minority of Cheadle people. Get them back on the road
    Written by Sandra cartwright, May 6, 2020 - Reply
  • I agree with the other comments its good too see support for all the hard work going too make us safe nobody complains about those idiots who set off fireworks on new year upsetting all the pets Hippocrates get a life it’s a few horns show’s solidarity when the wars ended everybody partied get a life look at the bigger picture 10 mins out of your life
    Written by Paul, May 6, 2020 - Reply
  • Think this was an amazing jester but there is always a few that love to complain think that the children around our town loved it would love to see it again this week to join all the wonderful people of cheadle who turn out every week to support these amazing NHS and key workers very proud to live in cheadle
    Written by Patricia Brindley, May 6, 2020 - Reply
  • I thought it was a great gesture I know the lads may they should stand next to there neighbours and bang a tin well done the lads who took part
    Written by James Wright, May 6, 2020 - Reply
  • I think the police should go after people that break the law not people that are trying to lift people's Hope's
    Written by Dave Rowley, May 6, 2020 - Reply
  • Typical Cheadle, you can't get the police to come out to something serious or sort the drug dealing out but as soon as someone brings abit of cheer to the streets in these uncertain times to support our NHS/front line workers (boy racers make more noise at midnight!!) theres always an odd few with nothing better to do than call the police. Get a grip!!
    Written by Wendy Alcock, May 6, 2020 - Reply
  • I think this is really bad that truck drivers are now not allowed to show support for OUR NHS. The NHS is ours, all of ours. Next thing will be the banning of clapping on a Thursday evening as someone will complain that it's to noisey. It fills me with great pride when I see convoys of trucks blowing there horns and flashing there lights. It is that which still makes this country GREAT.
    Written by Tony Young, May 6, 2020 - Reply
  • I live in Cheadle. As the wife of a paramedic who nearly lost his his life because of this virus I was very emotional to hear the horns sounding. Such a wonderful gesture to lift our spirits and remember our fallen. Shame on those complaining.
    Written by Eve Bourne, May 6, 2020 - Reply
  • Pathetic some jobs worth always spoils a good gesture, as for the police and fire at the hospital the only person observing the distance rule was the guy filming at the top of the platform ladder! Keep us the good work MJS
    Written by B Jones, May 7, 2020 - Reply
  • They r keeping this country going if it was for the truck drivers we would have no food in the shops no PPE in the hospitals and the tribute is heartfelt and appreciated carry on guys blow them horns xxx
    Written by Tracey Buxton UHNM and proud, May 7, 2020 - Reply
  • As a transport manager i totally side with MJS. Some people are pathetic. Noise for one whole hour? Probably sad dole dossers who couldn't hear emmerdale on the tv. As for the police ther a law onto themsekves also. Hats off to MJS, also condolences to the family of the driver they lost. RiP drive. Me personally i wud put double the trucks out and stay out 2 hours!!
    Written by S bell, May 7, 2020 - Reply
  • In such stressful times for everyone, I am saddened to see that we still have individuals who stand alone, they can't keep their opinions to themselves just for 1 hour, once a week, the expression "get a life",springs to mind
    Written by Patricia Castleman, May 7, 2020 - Reply
  • Perhaps the police could do something worthwhile like deal with with all the drug deals going on at the leisure center or is that too much like real police work instead have a go a some that are trying to help cheer people up. The police round here seem not to be bothered about real crime.
    Written by mick, May 7, 2020 - Reply
  • For goodness sake, whoever complained should get a life! What possible harm could this great action do to anyone?
    Written by Anon, Cheadle, May 7, 2020 - Reply
  • We have had a truck company do this in our town although just one truck playing music requests - they got permission and are doing it again for VE day - everyone just parties in their front gardens or at front of their homes - its great to have something to look forward to and gives people things to do like dress up, decorate homes and do little dance routines - social distancing adhered to.
    Written by Margaret, May 7, 2020 - Reply
  • What a very selfish attitude toward the drivers who have given their time to support the community as well as the N.H.S and also their appreciation shown to a young man who has passed away without a chance to live his life,as far as complaints,I appreciate these have to be followed through in the correct manner,but in the very fragile state we are in I would have welcomed this gesture and I would do the same these people know it states in the highway code no sounding of horns after 11.PM and before 7.AM ,,as far as lockdown witness the A520 at weekend racing is not in it,to my thinking these journeys aren't necessary either,,the so called people need to appreciate their life whilst they are lucky to have one,,,,I say a truly excellent gesture and one that has lifted many spirits in uncertain times like we have.
    Written by Sheila, May 7, 2020 - Reply
  • Only 1 complaint, why did the Council not ask the rest of us what we thought? Good on the drivers for supporting the NHS and all key workers - keep on trucking and showing your appreciation it was lovely to hear when I was standing outside clapping, even heard car horns so have they received a warning as well!
    Written by Linda Taylor, May 7, 2020 - Reply
  • Jobsworth's, when this is all over I hope the government will have a clear out of the councils the quangos like Cameron said he would do,start with PHE what a mess they've made,too many taking money for nothing like the rest of the establishment, clean it out put industrious people to run things but only clean people who put country before themselves
    Written by Les Mates, May 7, 2020 - Reply
  • The people who have complained go not think of the nhs and care works do they
    Written by Tracy sellers, May 8, 2020 - Reply
  • Them trucks are used to deliver essential goods so people can get there essential goods for there homes and this owner of the company has used them to pay respect to nhs who are doing a great job to save lives yet people complain about noise of it bet these selfish idiots are the panick buying idiots that emptied the shops shelfs. If i ever found out who reported this id name and shame and hope everyone refused them shops or even medical help. Id help anyone but not the selfish prick/s thats complained
    Written by Mark, May 8, 2020 - Reply
  • The people who complained should have the guts to stand up and give their name FFS We need truckers like these guys and all the rest in the country at this time
    Written by Agnes Thomson, May 9, 2020 - Reply
  • What a truly amazing gesture MJS Transport. There are always haters out there. You carry on bringing some cheer and happiness to the community. You have my backing.
    Written by Julian Cunliffe, May 10, 2020 - Reply


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