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Tribulations for Jubilee weekend

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Tribulations for Jubilee weekend

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A town council had some trials and tribulations at the weekend as their well-planned Jubilee celebrations came across some hurdles. Cheadle Town Council had spent months planning a four-day celebration for Tean Road Recreation Ground as part of the nation’s Platinum Jubilee.

A town council had some trials and tribulations at the weekend as their well-planned Jubilee celebrations came across some hurdles.

Cheadle Town Council had spent months planning a four-day celebration for Tean Road Recreation Ground as part of the nation’s Platinum Jubilee.

The event, which did go ahead for three of the four planned days, had a temporary bandstand for live music and fairground rides for all the family to enjoy, to name just a few of the activities organised to celebrate HM The Queen being on the throne for 70 years.

The first hurdle the council came across was that of a lorry, which was being taken onto the rec, to be used as an additional stage, got stuck under the historic metal entrance sign to the site resulting in the road by the rec being closed for some time that day; and the second stumble the council had was that of very wet weather on Sunday morning which resulted in the decision to cancel the final days of proceedings.

Cheadle Town Clerk Dave Mullington said: “On Thursday morning, June 2, Cheadle Town Council started to take delivery of some of its infrastructure for the planned events over the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

As part of this, we were due to take receipt of a trailer which was designed to act as a stage for the event. Regrettably, the trailer collided with the ornamental archway on our gates off the Tean Road, and disturbed sections of the stone pillars to which the gates are fixed.

This in turn led to the trailer being wedged underneath the structure, and could not move its position without causing further damage or being a significant risk to the public.

An additional consequence to this was that the trailer was blocking the main A522 road through the town, and it was several hours before the road was free from this blockage.”

Dave continued: “Sincere apologies are offered to all those who were adversely affected by the subsequent diversion route through the town.

The road was eventually declared safe at around 7pm, and efforts were made to preserve the integrity of the gates.

I would like to reassure the community that we are fully responsive to the fact that these particular gates are a well-loved and historical feature of the town, and we have already started the process of restoration through discussions with local sources.

We understand that there will be a period of time whereby the incident will be considered in terms of liability, however we have a comprehensive insurance policy and will look to get the gates and stone pillars fully restored as soon as we can.

We would like to put on record, our sincere thanks to Staffordshire Fire and Rescue, Staffordshire Police, the district and county council for their assistance sourcing a structural engineer to oversee the safe removal of the trailer, and the company who attended from Cheshire who carried out the removal work.

Equally, the community spirit shown by members of the public and local businesses was again evident, and a massive thank you to all those who helped out on the day.”

Meanwhile, Cheadle Town Council unfortunately had another spanner put in their plans for the four day celebrations on the rec, as the good old British weather resulted in the council deciding to cancel the Sunday’s event due to wet weather – a decision which was also made by neighbouring Leek Town Council for their planned Jubilee Party in the Park event.

Cheadle Town Clerk Dave said: “Our planned events for Sunday, June 5, at the Tean Road Recreation Ground was unable to go ahead due to adverse weather on the day.

A significant amount of rain fell overnight and into the morning, and we were notified that many other events across the Staffordshire Moorlands had taken the decision to cancel, including the Party in the Park Event in Leek.

Forecasts suggested that the rain was set for the day, and the funfair informed us that they would not be able to open due to the ground conditions.

That left us with a difficult decision to make, and following some discussion with the performers for that day, we regrettably had to cancel the event.”

Dave added: “Clearly this was not something we had envisaged during the process of organising these events, however any outdoor event is weather dependant and we simply don’t have immediate access to other venues in the town.

In order to compensate the performers who were unable to showcase their talents on the day, we will look at the possibility of providing an opportunity to do so later in the summer.

Many thanks to all of them for their patience and understanding. This was a joint decision, led by Cheadle Town Council, and we will sit down and look at ways in which we can legislate for such circumstances in future.

Obviously we were looking to sign off a fantastic weekend of celebrations in the town, however it should not detract from the hard work and efforts of many people who have given Cheadle a real lift through these events.”

To see pictures from the three successful Jubilee days on Tean Road Recreation Ground, see page 16 of this week’s paper.

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