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Traffic lights needed at crossroad

Times Echo and Life / All News / Traffic lights needed at crossroad
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21 MAR

Traffic lights needed at crossroad

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A CALL has been made for traffic lights at a notorious blackspot to become a permanent fixture. Temporary traffic lights were installed at Freehay crossroad last year, after police suggested the measure in the wake of a series of accidents. In July last year, Staffordshire County Council announced it was considering a raft of improvements at the junction in a bid to ease fears over near-misses and crashes at the crossroad.

The council stated speed limits would be reduced from 60mph on all approaches to the junction and the priority of the crossroad would be changed.

At a meeting of Cheadle Town Council on Monday, March 18, Alan Thomas of Tenford Lane, urged members to push for traffic lights to become a permanent fixture there.

Speaking during the public participation session of the meeting, Mr Thomas said: “We’re coming into the Alton Towers season and Alton Towers is synonymous with the crossroad at Freehay.

It’s an old chestnut I know, but my experience has been that is a rat run for anybody going to Alton Towers.

“I’ve had an experience with my sat nav which said in 1.2 miles, at the roundabout, turn left. In 800 yards at the roundabout turn left.

“It sounds like that is the next junction and that must be a contributing factor to some of the accidents there – people have gone straight across thinking the roundabout is the next obstacle in their way.

“I am concerned by what I have read in the press and hear about re-prioritising that junction.

“It’s dangerous enough for people coming up from Freehay.

“Trying to stop people who have used it forever is only going to compound the problem.

“You ought to be pressuring the county council to keep the traffic lights there for another period of time and keep there as a permanent fixture.

“They have been successful – they are a mandatory thing that people have to stop for.”

Councillors agreed to continue talks with the county council about the issue at Freehay.

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