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Traffic chaos in village

Times Echo and Life / All News / Traffic chaos in village
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Traffic chaos in village

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RESIDENTS and community leaders have aired their concerns over traffic congestion through a Moorlands village due to nearby development works. The A521 in Blythe Bridge is currently partly shut as three phases of works on land adjacent to the road are being carried out as contractors complete development work on behalf of St Modwen Homes, who were previously granted planning permission to build up to 120 new homes on the site. Residents of Blythe Bridge and Forsbrook have been having their say on the matter.

Tracey Bettany said: “It’s absolutely crazy.

“Blythe Bridge cannot cope with the volume of diverted traffic.

“Nobody gives way on Uttoxeter Road as everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere and they can’t get past the cars parked on the road – which is allowed as there are no double yellows, restricted parking – which causes tail backs.

“Not thought through at all and obviously not discussed with or listened to residents.”

Dilys Palin commented: “It will be a matter of time before there is a huge crash at the junction to take you to Blythe Bridge.

“Last night I was driving behind a car that turned right up towards the roundabout.

“The driver realised three-quarters of the way up where he was able to turn around.

“There needs urgently two no entry signs there to stop this happening again.

“Also the traffic that is being diverted do not realise it is a give way and not a continuation of the road.

“There needs give way signs there. Would the powers that be please make sure theses signs are put in place?”

Holly-Jade Turner stated: “I crawled through Blythe Bridge trying to get back to Tean on Friday afternoon, it took 40 minutes to get through Blythe from the Tesco island.

“This was due to the amount of HGV’s coming past the parked cars and getting stuck.”

Belinda Oakes commented: “I ended up being late for my hospital appointment last week.

“Took an hour to get to Royal Stoke instead of the usual 25 minutes.”

Rachel Moore of hairdressing salon Sizzatrix told the Times and Echo: “It’s atrocious, dangerous every hour of every day.

“As a small local business we have been effected due to clients struggling to make appointments or struggling with parking.”

An email has been sent on behalf of Forsbrook, Draycott and Checkley parish councils to Staffordshire County Council, raising concerns about the current traffic issue in the area.

It states: “We are a village which is having the entire traffic of the west bound A50 diverted through all day everyday whilst a large housing developer intends to profit from our misery. Again this morning the A50 has a lane closed due to a lorry fire.

“It is no longer sufficient to say we will talk to the police we need to see immediate and urgent action. The parish offered the recreation ground for parking but we never heard back after the site visit.

“St Modwen’s need to be held to account for taking remedial action for the inconvenience we are experiencing.

“Can you arrange an urgent meeting with the Checkley, Draycott, Forsbrook Parish Councils, yourself and St Modwen please?”

A spokesperson for Staffordshire County Council told the Times and Echo: “This isn’t our work, it is St Modwen’s and their contractors.

“The county council is the Highways Authority so we co-ordinate all works on the highway.”

Helen Fisher, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said: “From the outset everyone was aware that the only available ‘A’ road diversion route was via Blythe Bridge and we have worked closely with St Modwen, its contractors and local parish council to minimise this impact where possible.

“After listening to concerns at a public meeting, this included St Modwen’s contractors revising plans for a full closure of the A521 and also working six days a week to finish their scheme ahead of schedule.

“While unfortunately there is no other diversion route possible and, we appreciate it will need to be used by more vehicles when there is an incident on the A50, it is totally unacceptable for drivers to park illegally or inconsiderately and we have raised this as a matter of urgency with the local police.

“The contractors are also erecting extra signage to remind motorists to show courtesy to local residents if they are diverted through the village in the next few weeks.”

A spokesperson for St Modwen Home told the Times and Echo: “We appreciate the concerns of local residents who are being temporarily inconvenienced as major safety and improvement works are carried out on the A521 at Blythe Bridge.

“We are working closely with Staffordshire County Council, Highways England and the contractor to keep disruption to a minimum and are pleased that works are progressing ahead of their agreed schedule.

“The third and final phase of work is now underway and is set to complete on March 13.”

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  • Draycott sports centre to hilderstone turn for spot gate then meir heath its not rocket science 13mins no traffic
    Written by Tina, January 31, 2020 - Reply


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