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Town set to lose one of its CCTV camera

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Town set to lose one of its CCTV camera

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A TOWN in the Moorlands is set to lose one of its CCTV cameras – according to a community leader. Cheadle Town Council and Staffordshire Moorlands District Council (SMDC) member Ian Whitehouse spoke of the proposals, which are being put forward by SMDC, at a town council meeting on Monday (February 3). He told colleagues that the proposals outline that all of the CCTV cameras in Cheadle would be retained, barring one which will be removed.

Cllr Whitehouse said that one camera is set to be uninstalled at the South Moorlands Leisure Centre on Allen Street as the complex aims to monitor the area itself.

At the town council meeting, councillor Whitehouse stated: “I can’t say a lot because most of it is confidential but it is obvious Cheadle needs new cameras.

“We are hoping to retain all of the cameras in Cheadle with one camera taken out at the leisure centre as they will monitor it themselves.

“SMDC are having a meeting about it and there will be more information then.”

SMDC Cabinet members are set to meet on Tuesday (February 11).

Among other agenda items, they are set to agree on a ‘New Performance Framework’ which includes to “complete the review of the CCTV system and implement the agreed recommendations” during the financial year of 2020/21.”

However no further details are given in the online agenda pack for the meeting which is available on the SMDC website.

The Times & Echo contacted SMDC for further details and for clarification of the proposals according to Cllr Whitehouse. A spokesperson for Staffordshire Moorlands District Council said: “Councillors agreed to upgrade the current CCTV system in August last year.

“Consultants were appointed to draw up an implementation plan which we expect to receive in the near future ahead of the work starting.”

The spokesman added that they were unable to send any link to reports on the proposals and: “as the council has already agreed to the upgrade there are no further reports to Cabinet planned at the moment.”

SMDC states on its website that it operates a CCTV scheme across the district to help “deter and prevent crime”, “improve the safety and security of residents, visitors and businesses”, and “reduce offences involving vandalism and nuisance.”

Images from the cameras, the SMDC website states, are recorded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Footage that is not required for evidence are not kept and are “normally” deleted after 31 days.

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