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Town council role prompts investment in defib

Times Echo and Life / All News / Town council role prompts investment in defib
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23 NOV

Town council role prompts investment in defib

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A TOWN councillor has provided a defibrillator for workers at his manufacturing business – and neighbouring companies – after being alerted to the need for the potentially life-saving kit through his voluntary role.

Cllr Nigel Lowe is proprietor at Lowe (RP) Ltd, and played a key role in a town council debate around ambulance delays in October.

Since then, he has undergone defib training and used his new-found knowledge to improve safety at Bramshall Industrial Estate, where his business is based.

Cllr Lowe said: “There is a defib in Bramshall, but we’re half a mile away from the centre of the village here.

“When I suggested we get a defib to our Health and Safety committee, everyone was in agreement.

“It was taken to the shop floor and we had 13 volunteers step forward to do training with the machine.”

Lowe employs 27 people at its premises in Bramshall, where stillages and cages – apparatus for moving vehicle parts around safely – are manufactured.

The defib will be housed in an external box, providing 24-hour access for all the businesses operating from the industrial estate.

Cllr Lowe was instrumental in bringing the debate on ambulance delays to Uttoxeter Town Council’s monthly meeting on October 12, and since then has been part of a drive by the council to provide defibrillators and encourage uptake of CPR and First Aid training.

He added: “The town council are working together across parties and with council staff and the clerk to ensure that the town is covered. I firmly believe that everybody is very committed to it and in this short period of time we’ve achieved a tremendous amount.

“I don’t think anyone was fully aware of the situation until it was laid out in front of us and as soon as we realised the situation was not good, that’s when people stepped up and started doing something about it.

“We’ve got to look after ourselves and the town and I believe that’s happening. The town clerk and the admin team have put a huge amount of effort into organising things such as health and safety training and working with the St John Ambulance service.

“The town centre seems to be fairly well covered but outlying housing estates don’t seem to have anywhere near enough defibs. I’m very hopeful that over the next few months businesses, organisations, volunteer groups and residents can work together with the council to improve the situation.

“And although we’ve done training for the defibs, people don’t need to be afraid to use them. I was amazed at how easy it was. It tells you what to do and you only have to press one button – you can’t go wrong.”

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