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Town council declare climate emergency

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21 NOV

Town council declare climate emergency

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A TOWN council has declared a climate emergency with councillors agreeing that more needs to be done to quell the impact of climate change. Uttoxeter Town Council will also consider 20 'actions', provided by environmental organisation Friends Of The Earth for parish and town councils, when discussing decisions in it's different committees. These actions are split into three sections; 'Be a force for good', 'Demonstrate leadership through your own practical actions' and 'Use your powers wisely.'

Within these, it suggests proposals to develop lift-sharing schemes, minimise waste going to landfill or incineration and use green transport among many others.

At a Uttoxeter Town Council meeting last Wednesday (November 13), Councillor Alison Trenery said: “This is a very timely topic with the serious flooding in the north and around the world.

“Climate change is an important topic for a council the size of ours.

“Staffordshire County Council declared a state of emergency and said they would support local councils in this, so are quite keen for us to too.

“I think it’s an important issue to highlight in the town.

“From the town council’s point of view, the 20 actions bring home what we can do at our level and we can be a force for good by encouraging the community to take action and encouraging local initiatives.

“I think if we adopt this motion that we feed into all the work we do.”

Councillor Zdzislaw Krupski stated: “I think it’s a good idea, we need to make it known we are in support of it and how we are going to roll it out.

It is an emergency. Flooding is becoming far more frequent – it’s supposed to be a one in a hundred years event but now it’s one in every ten years and in a few years it could be one in every five.

By the time people do react, it will take years to put into action and it will be far too late in which time it will not be a climate emergency but a climate disaster.”

Councillor Teresa Crutchley added: “I think we should adopt it, it’s not absolute guidance on what we have to do but its just to make us stop and think about things first before we start agreeing to carry things out.”

Councillors voted in favour of declaring a climate emergency and considering the 20 points provided by Friends Of The Earth within the different committees they fall into.

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