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“Town can’t take any more houses”

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22 JUL

“Town can’t take any more houses”

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Concern has been raised over proposals for another housing development in a Moorlands town. The news of the proposed 250 dwelling development by Bloor Homes at land east of Froghall Road in Cheadle comes as work continues on several other developments across the town which are erecting hundreds of homes in the town.

Concern has been raised over proposals for another housing development in a Moorlands town.

The news of the proposed 250 dwelling development by Bloor Homes at land east of Froghall Road in Cheadle comes as work continues on several other developments across the town which are erecting hundreds of homes in the town.

Emery Planning Consultants are carrying out a pre-planning application consultation about the proposals before they submit an outline planning application to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council.

Members of the public are being invited to have their say through an online consultation up until August 6, and some residents have received flyers about the proposals through their letterboxes.

Hammersley Hayes Road resident Bill Woodier has contacted the Times & Echo about his concerns over the proposals. He said: “There are many reasons why I and, I am sure many others whose lives would be blighted if the development goes ahead, will object to the development, foremost is: “does Cheadle need another 250 houses on top of those already being built. Can the infrastructure and services available in the town support another 250 houses?”

To see the full letter from Mr Woodier, along with a photo of the view of the proposed site from the back of Hammersley Hayes Road, see our Letters to the Editor on page 21.

Dave Scott, a resident in Froghall Road, also contacted the Times & Echo about the proposals. He said: “I don’t think the town has the infrastructure to take any more houses. It’s bad enough trying to get up Froghall Road with all the traffic as it is now.

I really don’t think we can sustain any houses. You can’t get into the Doctors and there are environmental issues.

I do feel that this development will devalue the houses around here and I am sure it is Greenbelt back there, although I know such laws have been changed recently.

I would urge all residents in the area to make their views on this proposal known by taking part in the consultation.”

The land in which the proposed development is for, falls just outside of the Cheadle boundary, and in the boundary of Kingsley parish.

Chairman of Kingsley Parish Council, Ken Unwin, told the Times & Echo: “Due to long established parish boundaries the land in question is actually within Kingsley Parish, albeit it would generally be considered geographically to be part of the Cheadle.

We are at a very early stage here only recently becoming aware of the proposals.

We need to raise awareness of the issue in the Cheadle area and subsequently to fully assess the feeling of the local community on the issue.

Additionally we need time to fully research and consider the issue before making an informed judgement.

We are in contact with Cheadle Town Council on the issue.”

It is understood that Kingsley Parish Council held a meeting on Monday evening about the matter with representatives of Cheadle Town Council.

Cheadle Town Mayor Sue Walley, who was unable to attend the meeting, told the Times & Echo: “I am concerned about these proposals, and we need to know more about them.”

In cllr Walley’s absence, Deputy Mayor of Cheadle, councillor Nigel Wood attended the meeting with fellow Cheadle town councillor Alan Thomas.

Cllr Wood said: “The leaflet (which is being circulated by Bloor Homes) depicts a development of 250 homes in the Hammersley Hayes area of Cheadle and it has been circulated to residents in the North East ward of the town.

Kingsley Parish Council just wanted it to be brought to the attention to Cheadle Town Council. We are of the opinion that at this stage it is just to get the reactions of residents in the area whom may be affected.”
Fellow Cheadle Town councillor Phil Routledge said he had received the leaflet about the proposals. He said: “I think another 250 houses is too much. We already have two major housing developments – one on the Cecily Mill site, and another between Ness Grove and Hammersley Hayes.

The infrastructure in Cheadle is not strong; GPs are at capacity, along with primary schools. This will just put more strain on them.”

The Times & Echo contacted Bloor Homes about their proposals for Cheadle. In response, the company’s planningdirector, Kate McClean, said: “Bloor Homes is recognised as a five star quality housebuilder and we look forward to creating a development in Cheadle that will deliver the homes people aspire to live in.

Ahead of submitting our planning application, we want to hear what the local community think about our proposals.

Therefore, we have written to the town council, ward councillors and local residents to provide details on our proposals and invite people to get in touch with any feedback.”

Kate further said: “We have submitted this application as key sites in the Council’s Local Plan are not coming forward as expected which means that housing needs are not being met.

In particular, there is a significant shortfall in affordable housing provision which is affecting the ability of people to access the homes they need.

Only 18 affordable homes were built in the whole of 2019/2020 in Staffordshire Moorlands when there is an identified need for at least 224 affordable homes per year.

The proposed development would make a valuable contribution towards addressing these needs. The proposed new homes will include custom and/or self-build plots and 33% will be delivered as much needed affordable housing.

The draft plans have been informed by technical assessments and show how the site could provide new open space and biodiversity enhancements, including a potential extension of the existing play area.”

Kate added: “We are very grateful to all of those that take the time to consider the proposals and provide us with feedback. We will consider all views before finalising the proposals and submitting the application to the (district) council.”

To have your say on the proposals, go online to:

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  • Cheadle cannot take any more houses. The roads are already bursting with traffic and jams and the schools are over subscribed. The doctors are full and you cannot get an appointment. There is also a proposal to turn our much valued leisure centre into yet more houses, what are all these extra people, cars and children going to do for football, swimming etc. If this development is passed it makes me wonder what all the money generated is going to be used for. It is certainly not to the benefit of existing residents. Come on council, do your job! Look after the existing residents of Cheadle.
    Written by Mrs S Schutz, July 22, 2021 - Reply
  • The people who approve these planning applications obviously do not live in the area which will be affected by this gross overpopulation of a small town with little infrastructure it is clearly a case of not in my back yard.
    Written by Gary clewlow, July 23, 2021 - Reply


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