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Totally Locally Reboot

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Totally Locally Reboot

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A SCHEME designed to boost independent traders and breathe new life into the high street has been reignited in Cheadle. Businesses in the town centre have joined forces via social media to promote each other online. And, using the Totally Locally Cheadle banner, the traders are hoping to encourage people from far and wide to visit the unique independent shops which make up the majority of the town centre.

One of the women behind the drive to boost business in Cheadle is Dee Beardmore. She said: “We’re not a town with a high street full of chain stores and we don’t want to be.

“We offer something different and we want to build on what we’ve got.”

Using social media to knit the town centre businesses together online, Totally Locally Cheadle is aiming to showcase the town’s entrepreneurs and highlight special offers and services.

The group are sharing posts via Facebook using #totallylocallycheadle and #sharethetlc to help spread the word.

Sue Tighe at Crafty Urchins has kept the Totally Locally Cheadle Facebook page ticking over in recent years after an attempt to replicate the success the scheme had in Leek failed to garner the support needed.

Redeezine businesswoman Dee started a Facebook group called Creative Cheadle to promote the craft businesses within the town and from that the group realised social media could be the key to unlocking further potential for firms in Cheadle.

Dee said: “So many of us are sole traders, so we can’t just nip out for a chat with each other. Most of my work comes through Facebook these days, which is great for me, but I want to see footfall improve in the town and we need to find better ways of working together.

“Facebook does allow us to promote what we are all doing and if those with a Facebook presence share our Totally Locally Cheadle posts as well, we can create a growing network which will allow all our shops and businesses to reach customers in Cheadle and beyond.

“For the shops and businesses that are not on Facebook we can still offer help – if they get in touch with us we can find a way to include them too.

“We’re asking people to shop local and show their town a little TLC.

Sue, Dee and their fellow traders will be discussing the success of the new initiative at a meeting of Team Cheadle tomorrow (Thursday, April 4).

The pair are hoping to access some funding to take the project further and are already planning ways to enhance the town centre for upcoming events including Cheadle Carnival and the annual Christmas Lights Switch-on.

Dee added: “I’d like to ask the many wonderful knitters in the Cheadle area to get in touch with me about a project we’re working on for the carnival.

“We need to collect some knitted squares and we hope it will be as fantastic as some of our previous projects have been.”

To find out more about the rebooted Totally Locally Cheadle, search for the page on Facebook or get in touch with Sue at Crafty Urchins or Dee at Redeezine.

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  • Alan Large 8 mins · Image may contain: sky and outdoor Leek Post & Times 29 mins · The Sunday Supplement is on in the town centre today 1Alan Large 1 comment Angry Show More Reactions Comment Share Comments Alan Large Alan Large Should have taken a Picture of Cheadle's Outside Market - 13 Stalls, on Saturday 06/04/2019 at 12-00pm. - Every One Empty - Nine cars and a Motorbike, parked up on cobbled Chartered Market, - This is the Famous Cheadle Market ?, - I don't think so, DISGUSTING. Edit or delete this LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 7m
    Written by Alan Large, April 7, 2019 - Reply
  • When will the councils take responsibility. It's the car parking charges that are killing our towns and citys. 90p an hour for Cheadle is just not on. . Hanley£1'20 an hour. It's the out of town retail parks that are cashing in. . Council's wake up and smell the roses
    Written by B myatt, April 7, 2019 - Reply
  • I my Mother and my Sister, did the Markets all around the country for many Years, I finally gave it up, after the -Television Programmes were showing how Celebrities were getting goods well below their retail value, I could not compete people who watched these programmes, wanted to barter you down far less than what it had cost to buy. What the Public did not know that the Stall Holder's were paid Full Price once the Camera's had stopped Rolling,.Yes you do need the public to support the Markets and LEEK does have a lot to Offer, however hopefully a Bid has been put in to Revitalise CHEADLE Which hopefully will Be Successful, and we can see a thriving Market Town once more, Regards Alan Large.
    Written by Alan Large, April 7, 2019 - Reply
  • Cheadle council need to address the state of the pavements. And get rid of parking charges. Uttoxeter far better.
    Written by Posha, April 29, 2019 - Reply


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