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Time capsules to mark moment in history

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26 MAR

Time capsules to mark moment in history

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A RESIDENT from the Moorlands has started an initiative that has seen people from all around the world join together to create time capsules to remind future generations of the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had globally. Eve Goodyear from Cheadle thought up the idea with her children, wanting to mark this moment in time in a practical way. Her family have created a timeline of what has happened over the past few weeks amid the Covid-19 outbreak by placing newspaper cuttings and family trees and photos into a time capsule.

Eve has also created a Facebook group about the scheme and has seen over 150 people from all over the UK and the world join in with the activity.

The scheme has proved so popular that she has pushed the burial date of the capsules back to Sunday, April 5, after previously being scheduled for Mothers Day at the weekend.

“People can put in whatever they would like to put in, we’ve included both negative and positive effects of the virus,” Eve told the Times and Echo.

“We’ve had people put in drawings, photographs, diary entries, timelines and family trees.

“This is history. Those 50 years down the line who may see this will think ‘who could believe we have a worldwide pandemic?’”

She went on to explain how the scheme has been very positive by bringing people together who otherwise would not have met each other.

“We now have a lot of people talking to one another that wouldn’t have met each other at all,” Eve continued.

“Some people didn’t even know me at all when they joined. We’ve had a massive response which is amazing.

“Some, in a social aspect, would never had talked and now they are swapping stories and it has brought them together. I have friendships that have become even closer because of this.”

Eve explained why she wanted to create a time capsule.

“I wanted to do something that my children would understand. It’s an important time in my 15-year-old’s life who was due to take his GCSE’s this year.

“I wanted to teach them that there is more to life than being stuck inside the house during this and there is a lot of fun to be had and a lot to be learnt.

“So this is a direct approach rather than just reading books.”

Eve concluded: “We need to keep hope in the midst of all this – there is hope out there.

“We are all there to support each other and there to help anyone out.”

Visit the ‘Mothers Day Time Capsule’ page on Facebook to learn more and join in.

HAVE you been inspired by Eve and her family to create a time capsule? Email photos of you and your family putting one together to

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