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‘The Living Years’ of a ‘Great Man’

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‘The Living Years’ of a ‘Great Man’

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Tributes have been paid to a 'great man' who has sadly passed away. Former long-serving employee of Bolton's, Rod Cotterill, of Cheadle, passed away on April 12.

Tributes have been paid to a ‘great man’ who has sadly passed away.

Former long-serving employee of Bolton’s, Rod Cotterill, of Cheadle, passed away on April 12.

Rod Stewart Cotterill was born in 1940 at Weston Coyney and was one of 15 children. The family moved to Cheadle and he attended the Mackenzie School.

When he left school, Rod was offered an apprenticeship at Thomas Bolton’s in Froghall, he became an engineer and loved his job and made many life-long friends.

He was a very hard working and loyal employee, hardly ever missing a day’s work.

He played in the Bolton’s football and cricket teams and also won the Bolton’s Ron Salt Memorial darts trophy a number of times.

Rod worked at Bolton’s for almost 55 years, officially retiring at 70, but went back to help out during factory holidays.

According to his family, Rod wished he’d worked even longer.

Rod met wife Tiss in 1979. He had three children, Dawn, Sharon and Donna from a previous marriage. Rod and Tiss married in 1980 and had two children, Lisa and Marc.

They lived happily together in Cheadle ever since. It will be their 40th wedding anniversary later this year.

Rod was a practical man, he extended his bungalow and he even made his own pool table. He had a vegetable garden and a greenhouse and loved cooking the home-grown food for the family.

Wife Tiss said: “Rod was very well known for playing darts.

He played for The Crown, The Isaac Walton and The Royal Oak in Dilhorne to name a few.

He was a very competitive player and played in the Ipstones, Stone, Cheadle and other leagues – where, from an old newspaper cutting, it says that he won the Cheadle singles competition for nine years running.

Rod played for the Super-League and was proud to be chosen as a county player for Staffordshire and he has trophies from The British Knock Out Cup, British Champions Cup and the British Inter-County Darts Championship, amongst many others.

Rod played against some high profile players including Bill Lennard, Cliff Lazerenko, Bobby George, Eric Bristow and Phil Taylor, to name a few.

He beat Bill, Cliff and Eric… he would have liked to have beaten Phil.”

Eventually, Rod gave up his darts when a friend and neighbour asked him to play golf and he got the bug. He played at Whiston and Greenway Hall for many years.

The family lovingly remember Rod as always being fit and full of energy before he became unwell. He liked to go for a bike ride or a run and he ran in the Cheadle Road race.

When he was 43 years old, Rod ran in the Potteries Marathon and achieved a respectable finish time.

Together with family and friends he helped to raise thousands of pounds for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust doing house to house collections and annual spring fairs at Kingsley Village Hall.

Son Marc said: “The thing I always remember about Dad was how fit he was.

From a young age I saw him as a sportsman and he seemed to be great at everything he turned his hand to.

Dad encouraged me to get involved in gymnastics from a very early age, he would take me to class up to five times per week and would always wake me up early for football on a Sunday morning also.

I could always rely on him being stood on the touchline cheering me on at every event.

Dad didn’t just tell me to be fit and to work hard, he demonstrated it in everything he did.”

Rod loved his family very much as they love him.

Rod and Tiss shared many lovely holidays together and the special ones included his 60th birthday in Hawaii, their 25th anniversary cruise and the very special holidays in South Wales to see daughter Lisa and husband Steve, and three grandkids Maeci Rose, Evie-Jean and Isla-Mai.

But because of his competitiveness and love of life, one of Rod’s favourite holidays was in Florida with the family, where he went on some of the rides to compete with his granddaughters to prove that at 70 years old he was still young enough.

Marc, who works in the creative industry, has made a moving video about his dad which is entitled “The Living Years of Our Dad”, and also written and produced, with friends, a song about his dad entitled “Great Man”, which he released on social media on Sunday – father’s Day.

Marc said: “The song Great Man was inspired by Dad’s love of music.

Dad loved bands like Keane (Hopes and Fears) and Mumford and Sons, and his favourite was Mike and the Mechanics (The Living Years).

Whilst writing the song, I gave a gentle nod to this in some of the lyrics, which read: “I feel it now through all our hopes and fears, listening to your song ‘The Living Years’.

I worked on the song with Matt and Tom Bishop from Inspire Music.

We finished the song just in time to present it to Dad at the studio for a listen on his 79th birthday in December.

As kids, Lisa and I would often find mum and dad slow dancing to their favourite songs every Saturday night and this continued right up to Dad’s passing.

After only hearing 30 seconds or so of ‘Great Man’, Dad did what he always did which was to ask Mum for a dance.

They danced the whole time the song played, oblivious to the fact that the rest of us were watching.

It was the most beautiful thing.”

Rod or “Rodders”, as some like to call him, will be missed by many friends and neighbours.

Marc added: “On the day of the funeral, everyone lined the street to wave goodbye and they talk about him with high regard.

We love him for his lovely infectious smile, his positivity and sense of humour.

He really was a Great Man.

We are so very thankful for sharing his ‘Living Years’ with love and laughter.”

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  • Beautiful tribute to a wonderful man, you will never be forgotten Rod x
    Written by Glenys Beard, June 29, 2020 - Reply
  • Great guy and a gentlemen R. I. P Rod
    Written by Steve Darren, June 29, 2020 - Reply


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