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Thanks to young men who helped tackle blaze

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Thanks to young men who helped tackle blaze

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AN ELDERLY couple from Cheadle have thanked two youths who helped put out a fire at their home. The pair had reported smelling gas at their home three times before a blaze outside their bungalow last week. Two young men passing by spotted the flames and dialled 999 before leaping into action to extinguish the fire.

Carol Greensmith, 76, was watching television with her husband, Fred, 83, at their home in Thorpe Rise when the incident happened.

She said: “Several people had said they could smell gas at our house, so we’d rung the gas board three times to report it.

“We were watching television, but we have got a camera at the front of our bungalow, and I could see someone running around the front of our house.

“We went out and they shouted that our fence was on fire.

“Our van was parked in the car port which is next to the house and it was the fence next to that which was on fire.

“The two youths were bringing water from somewhere and trying to put the fire out. They’d rung the fire service as well.

“If they hadn’t noticed the fire the whole lot could’ve gone up and us with it.

“They were two lads in their late 20s maybe. They disappeared before we could thank them properly, we were just in shock more than anything.

“I should just like to say thank you to them, it could have been much worse.

“We could have been blown up. It’s as simple as that.”

A spokesman from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service confirmed that crews from Cheadle and Longton attended the blaze at 8.36pm on Monday.

The incident involved a hedge and fence which set alight and caused some damage to a garage.

Firefighters used one hose reel jet to put out the fire and left the scene at 8.54pm.

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