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Telephone ‘toolbox’ for mental health

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Telephone ‘toolbox’ for mental health

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A ‘TOOLBOX’ of support for people struggling with their wellbeing has been adapted to provide online support during the Covid-19 crisis. South Staffordshire Network for Mental Health had been providing twice-monthly session offering face-to-face conversations until the UK went into lockdown in March.

Now, as households remain socially distant, the Toolbox project has been adjusted to provide support by telephone. And workers are keen to help anyone who is finding their mental health or wellbeing affected by the lockdown measures.

Toolbox worker Judith Parry said: “The opportunity to be heard in a non-judgemental space often leads to an immediate improvement in mood. The information, advice and assistance on offer forms the basis of a personalised action plan, enabling people to better manage their mental and emotional wellbeing going forward.”

Clients who have accessed Toolbox support report feeling less alone and able to go about their daily lives armed with some practical solutions. The project has also helped people to manage their feelings and access specialised services such as bereavement counselling. Other clients learned to handle their emotions more effectively and used their new knowledge and confidence to train as volunteers.

Judith added: “This simple yet effective intervention is particularly helpful to people who may be experiencing difficulty as a result of lockdown. There are many examples of how clients felt as a result of experiencing a Toolbox session, both immediately afterwards and in the longer term.”

For more information visit: Alternatively contact the South Staffordshire Network for Mental Health by telephone on 01543 301139 or email:

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