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Team Dot and Dottie em-bark on new venture

Times Echo and Life / All News / Team Dot and Dottie em-bark on new venture
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28 JUN

Team Dot and Dottie em-bark on new venture

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AN ANIMAL lover from Oakamoor is planning to launch a new pet therapy service for vulnerable adults and children.

Dot Merry – organiser of the annual Animal Charity Day in the village – has undergone training with her new Labrador, Dottie, to offer support for people in need.

The pair will provide Pet Assistance Therapy (PAT) for people of all ages.

Dot, who has been a stalwart supporter of animal causes and taken in rescue dogs over many years, gave a home to Dottie after one of her pet Labradors, Tilly, died.

Dot said: “When Tilly died my other dog, Katie, fretted. She kept staring into space and I was worried I was going to lose her.

“Dottie is Katie’s grand-daughter and her owner suggested I take Dottie to keep Katie company.

“Katie was delighted, bouncing around and happy. Dottie is a lovely natured dog and I decided she needed to be a working dog because she’s so clever and loving.

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