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Teachers’ marathon effort in London

Times Echo and Life / All News / Teachers’ marathon effort in London
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Teachers’ marathon effort in London

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A PAIR of teachers have been celebrating after completing the hottest London Marathon on record at the weekend.

The teachers at Blythe Bridge High School both secured places to run for the charities of their choice in the world famous event, which was started by HM The Queen.

Joining more than 40,000 runners, Katie Baines and Jody Marsden ran the full 26 mile course in soaring temperatures which topped 24º.

Katie, 41, is assistant head of sixth form at the school and completed the run in seven hours, 36 minutes. She said: “I think I got through it by sheer pig-headed stubbornness.

“It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. There was a moment when I thought about stopping, but I just thought ‘no’ and carried on.”

Katie, who has previously completed the Great North Run, decided to take part with her friend Kate Warner, who had previously attempted the Paris Marathon, but had to stop part way through due to an injury.

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1 Comment

  • well done miss baines and miss marsden
    Written by Leah Kirby, June 12, 2018 - Reply


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