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Target to make town first “plastic-free” community in Moorlands

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Target to make town first “plastic-free” community in Moorlands

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A COMMUNITY leader is vying to launch a new scheme that he hopes will limit the amount of plastic that is used in a Moorlands town. Cheadle town councillor Jamie Evans is proposing to try and push Cheadle to become the “first town in the Moorlands to go ‘plastic-free’” by cutting down on the amount of the material that businesses and schools within the area use. At a recent council meeting, he successfully asked for the support of the town council in regards to backing the scheme with a view that a more expansive and detailed plan will be drawn up.

Many councillors also put their name down to be included in a working party for the idea.

Mr Evans said: “I think it’s a good initiative to protect the environment.

I know climate impact is something that the SMDC (Staffordshire Moorlands District Council) are heavy on and I think we should be too.”

He also mooted that businesses and schools should be given a certificate which they can display if they successfully reduce the amount of plastic they use.

Mr Evans explained how the growth of the idea began after he signed up to ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ – an environmental organisation that aims to protect oceans, beaches and wildlife by cutting down on rubbish and plastic via schemes and campaigns.

He was asked by fellow Cheadle town councillors to draw up a plan that would outline the proposals he has in mind as well as how much he think it would cost to carry out.

Mr Evans added: “It’s an issue I think people will be supportive of, and one of our aims could be to be the first town in the Moorlands to go ‘plastic-free’.

We could organise events such as recycling days where people can bring down items they would normally throw away to landfill such as crisp packets or even paddling pools.

It would also be good to go into schools and teach children the importance of recycling at a young age so that it can set up the next generation being more aware of the environment in the future.

Protecting the environment is absolutely huge and something we should do.”

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1 Comment

  • Great idea ....may get some of the rubbish off the streets too ?
    Written by Gail, September 29, 2019 - Reply


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