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Talk of improving town’s market place

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18 APR

Talk of improving town’s market place

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A COMMUNITY leader has said that he is looking at improving the state of a market place. Staffordshire County Council announced in January that each of the authority's 62 councillors will be allocated £20,000 each to prioritise highways works within their communities. The one-off funding, which is on top of annual funding for highways, comes after the county council was successful in securing an additional one-off £8.9 million for highways from the Government.

East Staffordshire county councillor David Brookes attended the April meeting of Uttoxeter Town Council after town councillors had sent him suggestions for what his £20,000 pot of cash could be used for in Uttoxeter.

On addressing the town council about their suggestions, cllr Brookes said: “I had a site meeting with the highways engineer last week.

“A lot of what you have suggested should be done as general repairs and if they have not been done, it is because there are other more priority repairs to be carried out first.

“I would like to invite people to use the county council app for reporting any highways issues.”

However, he agreed that it had been identified that the Market Place in Uttoxeter was one of the “worst areas” with regards to potholes.

He said: “It is in need of repairs. The surface is worn out.

“We are looking at how this can be repaired and would like the town council to come on board with this, as a partnership.

“We can put money in for such projects with other councils putting money towards them.

“Once we know what money there is available we can see what we can do to benefit all.”

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1 Comment

  • Surely focusing in the state of the high street should become a priority!! Empty shops banks etc. Towns becoming a joke unfortunately something needs doing asap.
    Written by David Dale, April 22, 2019 - Reply


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