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Supermarket must make improvements after damning hygiene report

Times Echo and Life / All News / Supermarket must make improvements after damning hygiene report
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22 FEB

Supermarket must make improvements after damning hygiene report

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A CHEADLE supermarket has been told to up its game after being slammed in a food safety report.

Rotisserie items had to be removed from sale during a hygiene inspection at Asda, in Ashbourne Road.

Inspectors found chicken wings, fillets and legs were being stored past their use-by date, while a bag of chicken legs which were out of date had been cooked that morning.

Two bags of chicken legs were discovered in an oven, but staff didn’t know how long they had been there or if they had reached adequate cooking temperatures.

Hot food storage checks also revealed two-hour temperature monitoring had not taken place.

The store received just two out of five stars after the routine visit by inspectors from Staffordshire Moorlands District Council.

An Environmental Health officer conducting the inspection reported: “All rotisserie items were removed from sale and voluntarily disposed of.

“Several rotisserie chicken items were found on the premises in the walk-in chiller which were past their use-by date.

“The following items which were past their use by date were disposed of – two hot and spicy chicken wings, two southern fried chicken breast fillets, two breaded chicken mini fillets a 2.4kg box of breaded mini chicken fillets, also a bag of chicken legs that had been cooked that morning.

“The use-by date is the date until which the manufacturer of the food guarantees it is safe to eat.

“Food sold beyond its use-by date may be of poor quality or unfit. It is an offence to sell or expose for sale food with an expired use-by date.”

Inspectors rate the business against criteria set out by the Food Standards Agency.

Details of the January inspection, which was published online this week, reveal the store received 15 hazard points in the food hygiene and safety section alone, with demands for immediate action.

A further five hazard points were noted for structure and cleaning after a hot food cabinet was found to be damaged and the inside of a bakery freezer was dirty.

The report also highlighted a lack of confidence in management and the store was given a week to implement proper training for staff in food hygiene and food safety management, as well as having a month to review training policy and procedures in the bakery section.

The inspector said: “It was apparent during my inspection that the level of food hygiene awareness among your staff was inadequate.

“You have put in place a Food Safety Management Procedure with adequate documentation. However, staff were not carrying out the identified controls at critical points.

“In particular, at the time of the visit, it was noted that staff had not checked use-by dates, cooked food in the oven had not been checked, while temperature checks and records had not been completed.

“You must ensure that staff are properly trained and are aware of the controls they need to carry out.

“Staff must also be supervised and checked as necessary, so you are sure that all controls that are critical to food safety are being properly implemented and maintained.”

A spokesman for Asda said: “We take complaints of this nature very seriously and are working with our Cheadle store to address the specific concern raised.

“We can assure our customers that we have an action plan in place to get back up to the standards that are expected from them and we plan to request the local authority to re-visit the store to complete a re-inspection.

“We are pleased that RateMyPlace has given us a food hygiene rating of five in 14 of the 17 Asda stores tested in this area, and four stars on the other two, and we are committed to ensure our stores are always fit for our customers.”

The full report can be seen at

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