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“Stuck red lights are dangerous”

Times Echo and Life / All News / “Stuck red lights are dangerous”
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18 DEC

“Stuck red lights are dangerous”

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A COMMUNITY leader is calling for temporary traffic lights to be fixed as, he claims, they are continously getting stuck on red. Councillor Richard Alcock is so concerned about apparent drivers jumping the 'stuck' red lights at Freehay crossroads, near Cheadle, that he has even reported the issue to the police. The temporary lights were put in place at Freehay crossroads months ago and are set to remain until further road safety improvements are made at the site by Staffordshire County Council.

Councillor Alcock told the Times & Echo said: “I am really worried about the temporary lights.

“They are always getting stuck on red and many drivers are then jumping the red lights as they don’t want to wait.

“The lights have been stuck at least three times, that I know of, in the past week.

“It’s a big concern as someone is going to get hurt.

“Those lights getting stuck on red, and with drivers just driving through, makes the crossroads even more dangerous – and yet the lights have been put up to make it safer along there.”

Helen Fisher, Cabinet Member for Highways at Staffordshire County Council said: “Improving road safety at this junction has been a priority for the county council for a number of years now and there are plans in place to do this.

“Changes to the speed limit are already in hand and changes to the road layout, including removing some hedges, new road markings and signs are also being considered.”

With regards to councillor Alcock’s claims that drivers are jumping the ‘stuck’ red lights, Mrs Fisher added: “Highways teams respond to all reports of the temporary traffic signals being out of action and will continue to do so, as necessary, until the permanent scheme is in place.

“If drivers are not stopping for the lights that would be a police matter.”

When contacted about the issue, with a crime reference number for when councillor Alcock reported his concerns to Staffordshire Police, a spokesman for the force told the Times & Echo: “This is not a police matter so we won’t be commenting. This is with highways or Staffordshire County Council.”

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1 Comment

  • To say that safety improvements at this site have been "a priority for a number of years" is totally contradictory. Mrs Fisher then goes on to say that elements of the improvement plan are "also being considered". How many deaths or serious injuries does it require before ACTIONS are taken ?
    Written by P R Ash, December 20, 2019 - Reply


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