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Sports facilities damaged by vandals – again

Times Echo and Life / All News / Sports facilities damaged by vandals – again
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Sports facilities damaged by vandals – again

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SPORTING members of the public are getting “annoyed” that their changing room facilities are “repeatedly” being broken into and damaged. The concern comes after further vandalism has been discovered at the changing rooms on Tean Road Recreational Grounds in Cheadle. Bird in Hand Football Team is one of the remaining teams using the site to train and play games. The team's manager Dan James told the Times & Echo that paint had been discovered “chucked all over the floor” of the changing rooms building last Thursday (September 12), and that it was soon realised that the culprits had got in via the roof and then managed to unscrew the hinges off the door from the inside.

He also added that the following evening a group of young people were found inside the building.

Dan said: “One of our players had been on site to paint the white lines ready for Sunday’s game.

“He called me and I went down and we called the police who came down and took the names of the youths who were inside the building.”

Dan admitted that there was no proof that the young people who were found in the building on the Friday evening had indeed been the culprits of the vandalism discovered on Thursday.

He said: “There was no evidence that they had caused the damage the night before, but there was around five or six young people in there. A mix of girls and boys probably around 14-15 years old.”

The Times & Echo reported of similar damage to the changing rooms last Summer when offenders broke their way in and ransacked the building.

Dan, who has been the manager of the Bird in Hand Football Team for nine years, said: “There has been several occasions since then that the changing rooms have been broken into.

“However, we are very wary of complaining multiple times to the council as they could just say that they will condemn the building and players would then have to change at the side of the pitch.

“Ok the changing rooms are not great as there is no electric or water, but when the roof is on, it’s a dry place for players to change.

“It’s one of those things. But for it to be happening repeatedly, it’s just annoying.

“It’s a facility for everyone.”

The Times & Echo contacted the office of Cheadle Town Council, which owns and looks after the Tean Road Recreational grounds and it’s facilities, and a spokesman said they would be “looking into the issue of this latest vandalism.”

Cheadle Town mayor, councillor Ian Plant, who is also the chairman of the Leisure and Operations Committee, added: “I am disappointed that the changing rooms have been broken into again.

“We are working towards better facilities down there but it keeps on getting vandalised and vandalised.

“You try and bring something to the town, like we have done with the skate park and also the tennis courts; and we are now looking at improving the bowling club and football changing facilities, as well as enlarging the toilets and the car park.

“But it’s just a knock back each time something like this happens.

“It’s wanton vandalism.”

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  • Why aren’t the flood lights on and the cameras running? They are in place on poles in the rec but never seem to be working.
    Written by Mrs Inskip, September 22, 2019 - Reply


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