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Shopper saves man’s life in supermarket

Times Echo and Life / All News / Shopper saves man’s life in supermarket
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25 JUL

Shopper saves man’s life in supermarket

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AN ALERT member of an East Staffordshire community group saved a man's life after he collapsed in a supermarket last Tuesday afternoon. Kerry Tillson, an adult instructor of the Uttoxeter Army Cadets, was out shopping with her partner when a middle-aged man suffered a seizure in Uttoxeter's Asda, on July 16. The qualified first aid instructor rushed to help the gentleman by putting him in the recovery position whilst another customer called 999, relaying information to the ambulance service.


By the time the paramedics arrived, who were at the scene “within minutes”, the man was slowly coming back around to consciousness.

Kerry, a teaching assistant at Loxley Hall School, told the Times and Echo: “Instinct and training mode just kicked in.

“My first priority was to deal with the situation.

“At one point I thought he was going to die but you are taught to remain professional in such cases.”

This is not the first time the 40-year-old has successfully used life-saving manoeuvres, after treating a man during her days as a policewoman.

However, she remained humble about her heroics. She said: “I am proud but for me it’s an everyday thing, its natural.

“Having the attention is great in that it highlights the fact that first aid is required more.

“I’m just glad I was in the right place at the right time and I managed to save a guys life.”

Kerry is set to become a fully-qualified teacher in PSHE and believes that life-saving skills should be taught in schools.

She said: “I believe it’s a life skill everyone should be taught from school age and be developed to potentially save more lives.

“Without having those skills, it is the difference between the guy living and not.”

Uttoxeter Army Cadets second lieutenant Jane Whitehurst told the Times and Echo: “It was very commendable, to save a person’s life without hesitation.

“It is extremely important to teach life-saving skills; the Uttoxeter Cadets has helped numerous people over the last six months.”

Jane gave an example of a 16-year-old member giving first aid to someone having an epileptic fit before the person was able to recover in hospital.

A spokesperson for the West Midlands Ambulance Service said: “We were called at 4.27pm to Asda on Carter Square in Uttoxeter to reports of an unconscious patient.

One ambulance and a paramedic attended.

The medics treated and conveyed one man to Stafford County Hospital.”

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1 Comment

  • Kerry is an amazing individual who always thinks of others . I am proud to know her and to have worked with her
    Written by Annon, July 25, 2019 - Reply


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