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Sewing Sue provides free face masks for villagers

Times Echo and Life / All News / Sewing Sue provides free face masks for villagers
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Sewing Sue provides free face masks for villagers

By timesecholife on in All News, Uttoxeter news

A SEWING ‘addict’ from Stramshall has been quietly supplying reusable face masks to help quell her anxiety during the Covid-19 pandemic. Sue Atkin has provided the handmade masks to NHS support staff at Balance Street Surgery in Uttoxeter.

And she has been giving them away for free to villagers near her home. Sue, who enjoys sewing and embroidery, suffers with anxiety and found having a task to focus on has helped her deal with the additional stress of the pandemic lockdowns.

She said: “I’ve always been keen on sewing, so I decided to go online and find a pattern for facemasks. I didn’t have much success at first, but I kept tweaking it until I got it right. I made one for my husband, John, and it snowballed from there.

“I made them for friends and family and then I thought I’d put them in the micro library in the village. I got a lot of nice feedback on Facebook and it went from there.”

A former red telephone kiosk in Stramshall has been converted into a mini-library and it’s here that Sue has placed boxes of the facemasks for people to take if they need one. Each mask is made from two layers of cotton, with a filtration fabric in the middle and a pocket for additional filters if required.

They have adjustable ear loops and are individually wrapped after being hand washed, air dried and hot ironed.

Sue added: “I suffer from anxiety quite a bit and doing the face masks has helped me, it stops me thinking thoughts I shouldn’t be thinking, so it works both ways. “enjoyed doing them and it’s nice to feel that people want something I’ve made. It feels like I’m contributing a bit locally – I can’t do much else to help. “And it has helped with the stress of the lockdowns.

“Before he retired, my husband was on lockdown from JCB and I noticed when he went back to work for a while that I was making a lot more face masks because I was worrying more. When I’m making the masks, I’m making them to the best of my ability, so I haven’t got time to be anxious.

“I’ve made around 300 all together, with around 60 or so put in the micro library for anyone in the village who needs one. Others I’ve given to the support staff at Balance Street Surgery, who have been doing an amazing job in this awful time we’re all going through.”

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