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School fence sparks objections

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18 OCT

School fence sparks objections

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NEIGHBOURS have lodged a slew of objections to planned new fencing at a Cheadle school. The Cheadle Academy in Station Road has submitted a planning application to install new 2.4 metre mesh fences as part of a 'safeguarding' project. Anti-social behaviour at the site outside of school hours has prompted the move.

The proposals include new boundary and site fencing, gates with new two-metre and 2.4 metre high paladin mesh vertical bar fencing and gates.

In a design and access statement, the new fences are cited as an improvement to security at the site: “The purpose is to provide a safe and secure learning environment for the school.

At present there is no perimeter fencing to the front of the site which is completely open to Station Road and the shared coach park with Painsley Catholic Academy.

As a result, the school is a target for out of hours anti-social behaviour and leaves the school vulnerable to trespass during the school day.

The deteriorated or non existent boundary fencing to the field to the North West of the site have also led to incidents of trespass on the school site.

It is the intention of this application to install new fencing and gates to prevent these incidents of trespass and secure the school site.”

Despite plans to erect the fencing 300mm away from boundaries with adjoining gardens, the proposals have prompted a number of objections from nearby residents.

R Smith of Dryden Way said: “I wish to put forward a strong objection to the proposed plans for the installation of 2/2.4 metre high fencing.

As residents affected by this we do not approve for these to be installed at the bottom of our garden, not only will these look an eyesore we also do not wish to feel like we are living within prison fencing.

We do not want the removal of any of our privacy at the rear of our property and strongly disapprove of fences being installed and standing taller than the fences to our garden, this is not something we approve of seeing from our rear windows and most definitely do not wish to see when relaxing in our garden.”

Resident Donna Wilcock also objected to the plans, stating: “This seems to be next to our fences, making it difficult for repairs and also being 2.4 metres would make our garden looking on to a metal fence feel like a prison. Therefore we oppose the proposal.”

D Birtwistle echoed these comments, saying: “I object to the fence, it will be a complete eyesore and ruin my view of the hills.”

The planning application will now be assessed by planners at Staffordshire Moorland District Council’s who it will approve or reject Cheadle Academy’s proposals.

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