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For Sale: Blythe Bridge police station

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31 JAN

For Sale: Blythe Bridge police station

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BLYTHE Bridge's police station is one of eight across the county to be sold off. A drive to invest in technology and improve officer visibility has seen police buildings used less. Now, Blythe Bridge police station in Uttoxeter Road has been deemed 'surplus to requirement' and will be sold.

The move follows five years of investment in mobile technology allowing officers to be out in public, but still able to access the information and systems they need.
Now, after a remodelling of the force which has seen the introduction of ‘resolution centres’ and online facilities, eight police stations across the county will be sold off.
Staffordshire’s Commissioner for Police, Fire and Rescue and Crime, Matthew Ellis, said: “Over the last decade the challenges faced by the police everywhere have evolved. The technology available to Staffordshire Police has improved very substantially in the last few years to meet the challenges faced.
“While police buildings are still needed, most people want to see more officers out and about in communities and policing now has the right tools to help that happen.
“There’s no question that budgets are tight and the growing complexity of the job policing does need evermore investment to keep up.
“The properties I am selling were built in a different era and are surplus to requirement for policing today.
“It is vital that more of the money available is spent on people to deliver our police service and also on ensuring they have the right tools for the difficult job they do.”
Staffordshire Police has now increased the number of officers who are working in communities and is investing more in neighbourhood policing.
Blythe Bridge police station will be sold alongside stations in Stone, Newcastle, Tunstall, Stoke, Kinver, Wombourne and Eccleshall.
Officers will use public sector buildings, host drop-in surgeries and use street briefings to stay visible.
In some cases, the move will allow police officers to share buildings with the fire service.
Clerk to Forsbrook Parish Council, Dawn Plant, said: “The parish council support everything that the police do within their role and support them in policing the area as they see fit.”

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