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“Re-open road or more signage” state residents

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“Re-open road or more signage” state residents

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Residents have aired concern over the length of time that their street has been temporary closed to traffic while waiting for works to be carried out surrounding a landslide which took place a year and a half ago.

Residents have aired concern over the length of time that their street has been temporary closed to traffic while waiting for works to be carried out surrounding a landslide which took place a year and a half ago.

In September 2019, we reported that a landslide had occurred in Cheadle town centre which resulted in a number of shops closing this week.

The incident, believed to have been caused by heavy rain, happened at the back of a number of shops in Cheadle’s High Street in the early hours of Sunday, September 29, morning.

Part of a retaining wall, along with part of what is believed to be a private driveway from Prince George Street, came crashing down into the back of some of the High Street properties.

The four shops which had to close are: The Dougie Mac charity shop, Xtraclean Dry Cleaners, The Samaritans charity shop, and Wrights Pies.

More than 18 months on, and the four shop premises are still empty due to the works not yet been carried out to rectify the landslide.

The adjacent Prince George Street has also been closed to through traffic during this time due to concerns about the landslide area.

However, residents are concerned about the temporary ban on through-traffic as vehicles, not associated with the street, are still trying to get through and most are having to use private driveways to turn around to go back down the road again. This has, reportedly, resulted in some damage to private walls.

Resident Stephen Byatt told the Times & Echo: “Our street has been closed for 18 months. There’s been nothing done at all.

But we are getting lots of vehicles coming up here and having to turn around.

I think they should keep the road open, or if not, then there needs to be much better signage, all the council have is one ‘Road Closed’ at each end.

And if they really need to close the road, there needs to be some kind of turning point rather than vehicles using people’s driveways.

My neighbour’s driveway is getting churned up with vehicles using it to turn around, and there’s been a few walls that have been damaged too.”

Mr Byatt, who has lived in the street for 60 years, said he remembers when a similar landslide occurred some 30 years ago.

He added: “This landslide really needs fixing soon otherwise it could go even further and push the shop fronts into the High Street.”

Although it is understood that the issue surrounding the landslide itself and the repairs that are needed, are being dealt with by the property owners and the relevant insurance companies, Staffordshire County Council has confirmed that the authority is “advising” on the matter in order to get the road back open.

James Bailey, Assistant Director for Highways and the Built County at Staffordshire County Council said: “We are aware of resident’s concerns about the length of time it is taking to stabilise the landslip adjacent to Prince George Street.

We have recently met with representatives responsible for the remedial works and will continue to offer advice in order to get the road open again as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the traffic restrictions remain in place to protect the landslip area as well as the road and any services within it.”

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1 Comment

  • Having walked down this road last week I cannot believe that signs and wire barriers are going to stop further land slippage. The cracks in the tarmac are signifcant and appear to be just waiting for further heavy rain and snow fall for it to collapse even further. Plus we witnessed, while walking 3 cars having to turn around using neighbours drive ways as stated in this article on both sides of the barriers. Again no signage further back to say no through road, pretty poor show by the highways agency. The Counci, Insurance companies need to get the 'fingers out' and repair this situation sooner than later. 18 months is again pretty poor service provision.
    Written by Simon Cadman, April 10, 2021 - Reply


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