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Poster boy in fight against litter – Charlie, 8, is ‘climate change champion’

Times Echo and Life / All News / Poster boy in fight against litter – Charlie, 8, is ‘climate change champion’
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Poster boy in fight against litter – Charlie, 8, is ‘climate change champion’

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A SCHOOLBOY from Uttoxeter is the leading the battle against litter at his local park. Charlie Curtis, aged eight, designed a poster urging people to put their litter in the bin and protect the environment.

Now, East Staffordshire Borough Council (ESBC), has had Charlie’s design made into posters and displayed them at three parks across the town.

Charlie, who is a pupil at Picknalls First School, lives in Uttoxeter with his parents Alan and Joanne, and brothers, Oliver, 10 and five-year-old Toby,

Charlie said: “I wanted to put signs up in the park to help to look after the environment and stop pollution and global warming.

“When I saw my posters up in the park, I was really proud of them!”

In his design, Charlie urged people to save the environment by putting litter in the bin instead of throwing it on the floor or in the river.

Alan, said: “Charlie had been doing work on the environment at school when he came home one weekend and asked if he could make a poster to put up in the park.

“He did the design and I rang the council to see if we would be allowed to put it up somewhere. I was just thinking pin it to a post or something.

“But then the council said they would take his design and turn it into some proper posters and get them put up around the park.

“He was over the moon. He just felt he was doing something good – he was really pleased.”

Cllr Bernard Peters, Deputy Leader for Community and Regulatory Services at ESBC praised Charlie’s efforts to fight litter in his local community.

He said: “Thank you Charlie for being so positive and supporting me and the council to get this message to everyone in Burton and Uttoxeter, you are a true Climate Change Champion.”

Cllr Bev Ashcroft, Deputy Leader for Leisure, Amenities and Tourism, added: “I would personally like to thank Charlie for all of his hard work in designing such an amazing poster.

“I hope it makes us all think twice about littering not only in our parks but all of our other open spaces.”

 ESBC ordered 10 signs which have been displayed in prominent places at Hazelwalls Community Park, Pennycroft Community Park and Bramshall Road Park.

Alan added: “Charlie did all this off his own bat, he generally wants to do stuff to help people and he just decided this was an important thing to do.

“We’re all really proud of him and every time we drive past the park, we look out for Charlie’s poster.”

Uttoxeter Town Mayor Cllr Chris Sylvester is ward member for Uttoxeter Heath at ESBC. He said: “I had the pleasure of meeting Charlie Curtis and his father a couple of weeks ago in Bramshall Park, where he showed me the wonderful poster he had designed.

“They were with an ESBC officer who was putting up sturdy weatherproof versions of his poster all around the park.

“The poster was beautifully drawn and brightly coloured and it immediately drew your attention to it and its message – asking people to put their litter in the bin- in a way a standard notice would not have done.

“It is fantastic that an eight-year-old could come up with an idea that makes a real difference to his community and that he would be supported by his father and East Staffordshire Borough Council.”

Kate Copeland, Director at the Globe Foundation in Uttoxeter also praised Charlie’s efforts ahead of the Big Green Festival due to launch this weekend.

She said: “At the eco centre we often get asked ‘what difference can one person make?’ and this is a perfect example of what can happen when a young mind steps up to that challenge.

“Well done, Charlie, excellent work!”


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