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Police warning to farmers after complaints in village

Times Echo and Life / All News / Police warning to farmers after complaints in village
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Police warning to farmers after complaints in village

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POLICE are appealing for farmers to drive carefully and with fair consideration in an East Staffordshire village. Staffordshire Police has confirmed that the force has received complaints regarding the manner in which agricultural vehicles are travelling along Radmore Lane in Abbots Bromley. Police Constable Rich Lymer said: “It has been suggested that the vehicles are travelling at speeds too great for the conditions albeit within the speed limit and are mounting up grass verges causing damage to the verges, hedgerows and also due to heavy and harsh braking causing damage to the road surface.

We are also aware that similar reports have been made in terms of the speed in which these agricultural vehicles are travelling through the village itself and again we would reiterate that road safety and the safety of all road users, whether in vehicles, on foot, horse back, two wheels or whatever you mode of transport; is paramount.”

PC Lymer added: “Where we appreciate that Abbots Bromley is a rural community and these agricultural vehicles are carrying out jobs and tasks to provide food, supplies and tend to animals and crops but we would ask that anyone using the lanes or vehicles of this size do so giving fair consideration to all other road users and drive to the conditions.

Anyone found driving without fair consideration to other road users or in a manner that is causing, likely to cause or has been causing annoyance, alarm or distress to the public may face prosecution and also the seizure of their vehicle and associated machinery.”

Anyone wishing to contact Staffordshire Police on a non-emergency matter can do so by calling 101. In an emergency call 999.

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1 Comment

  • There is a problem with these large tractors being used more for transport, towing trailers and travelling more on the highways, and not just locally, with some towing excavators and tipper trailers, these are not being used for agricultural purposes but instead of HGV's probably because they don't need to be tested by the ministry, don't pay road tax and can run on cheaper red diesel , yes some are used by local farmers for short distances around their own land, but lots are now being used further afield, 'no pun intended' with increasing numbers of accidents on the highways, some resulting in fatality's
    Written by john, September 17, 2019 - Reply


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