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“Please don’t over feed the birds”

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“Please don’t over feed the birds”

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AN ANGLING club in the Moorlands has given advice for users of a lake it leases after a large quantity of animal feed was dumped and left by someone recently. Cheadle Angling Club leases the Hales Hall Pool on Oakamoor Road in Cheadle from the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council and the lake is a place where members of the club regularly go fishing. However, a user of the lake recently left a vast amount of what is thought to be bird feed near the waterside, something that concerned club secretary Martin Gray.

He told the Times and Echo: “Feeding the birds isn’t a problem.

“It’s that the quantity is too much.

“Birds sometimes don’t get it, and it’s encouraging rats.

“It has happened before and anglers have been accused of leaving bait which they may do but I doubt it is them in this case.”

The angling club runs the fishing at the lake but also tries to “manage the ground a little bit.”

Martin explained that feeding the wildlife isn’t a problem, but encourages people to think about the amount of food they leave.

He said: “The concern is that not all of the feed is getting eaten and we are worried what type of animal could be eating it instead.

“The message is leave quantities that birds can eat and don’t dump it all in one place.

“Don’t over-do it as it encourages rats around the lake.

“It’s really good that people are feeding the wildlife but it’s being done a bit too excessively at the moment.”

The Cheadle Angling Club has been established for over 40 years and a reformation of a new committee happened around three years ago.

It currently has more than 240 members with the club’s committee meeting on the second Monday of every month at the Queens Arms in Cheadle.

To find out more about the club, visit

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