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Plans for new discount food store in town

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28 NOV

Plans for new discount food store in town

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A NEW discount food store could be coming to a market town after plans were submitted for construction this week. Food chain Aldi is asking for permission to build a brand new store on land at the corner of Old Knotty Way in Uttoxeter. Should the proposals be approved by planning authority East Staffordshire Borough Council, the shop will create up to 40 jobs, according to a design and access statement which has been submitted with the application.

Within the proposals, it states that the store will accommodate 110 customer car parking spaces, including six blue badge spaces, seven parent and toddler bays and five bicycle hoops.

The plot of land, which spans over a hectare, was formerly a coal and railway yard but is currently a vacant brownfield site.

The proposals state that the internal floorspace of the store will cover 1,745 square-metres.

In the design and access statement, it states that one of the general design principles will be “to create job opportunities for the local area employing local contractors and labour during the construction of the food store, creating up to 40 jobs for local people for the Aldi store plus addition employment for maintenance, window cleaning, etcetera.”

It also states that the proposal will “provide substantial investment and job opportunities to the local area” in a “growing community.”

In a planning statement, further reference was made to the impact it could have on the area, should the planning application be authorised.

It said: “An Aldi food store and all associated works will bring about significant improvements to the site and wider street scene, increase choice competition in the market place, claw back trade and act as a catalyst for further investment.”

It concluded that the new food store would help “encourage and sustain shorter distance round trips” and would be in a location that is “highly sustainable and accessible.”

Aldi opened it’s first set of UK branches in 1990 and today currently has over 700 stores across the country.

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  • Pity we can't have one in Cheadle the town that has no decent supermarkets of size and stocks such limited items
    Written by Graham fernihough, November 30, 2019 - Reply
  • Personally. I would love an Aldi store in Uttoxeter. We have Waterose, Tesco, both of which are overpriced. Also a Lidl of which I have also used. Have been dissatisfied with all three. I now travel to Stone or Rugeley every week to Carry out my shopping. Craig Walker
    Written by Craig Walker, June 10, 2020 - Reply
  • What a ridiculous idea to build yet another downmarket supermarket in Uttoxeter. We have a new Lidl coming on stream, Asda and Tesco. The old CoOp store sits empty. Uttoxeter is lucky to have a wonderful Waitrose. If another competitor sits the other side them we might lose that. Ask Ashbourne residents who now have to come to Uttoxeter since their store closed what they think about it. I’ve even met people who come from Leek to shop in Waitrose. It’s just about the only bit of class in Uttoxeter, apart from a few wonderful businesses trying their best on the High Street.
    Written by David Stevenson, September 28, 2020 - Reply


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