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Plan to put brakes on speeding drivers

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Plan to put brakes on speeding drivers

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A 'DANGEROUS' corner has prompted calls for a Community Speedwatch scheme to be set up in Forsbrook.

Dubbed an ‘accident waiting to happen’ members of Forsbrook Parish Council are calling on road safety measures to be installed at the junction of Draycott Old Road and Cheadle Road, opposite The Roebuck Inn.

Members are also exploring options to part-fund double yellow lines at a problem junction in Blythe Bridge.

At a meeting on Monday, parish councillors agreed to invite representatives from Staffordshire County Council’s roads and highways department, as well as SCC Councillor Ross Ward in a bid to crack down on speeding through the village.

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1 Comment

  • Fully agree with this action but by equal degree once the speed merchants have past the Butchers Arms the speeding is horrendous over the next 300 metres before they reach the village boundary. It is by similar measue entering the village from Cheadle for they hardly slow down until they enter the village by the Roebuck Publick Houseand Draycott Lane coupled withe parking on double yellow lines being ignored by people buying food from the chip shop, the number of near misses and accidents are unacceptable. With at least four deaths on this stretch of the road from forsbrook Cemetery to the village centre in the last 20 years this IS where the problem lies. The accident is not waiting to happen it is now already history but little has been done! We have a sign for cameras that everyone knows is a complete fabrication and signs which clearly state the 30 mph speed limit but without any enforcement they become redundent.
    Written by Levison Wood Snr, November 7, 2018 - Reply


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