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Petition challenges ‘no trousers’ rule for girls

Times Echo and Life / All News / Petition challenges ‘no trousers’ rule for girls
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Petition challenges ‘no trousers’ rule for girls

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A PETITION has been launched to overturn a school rule that forbids girls from wearing trousers. The uniform policy for Painsley Catholic College in Cheadle states that girls must wear a grey skirt with a blouse or shirt and blazer. Trousers are not included in the uniform list for girls and 'modifications' to the uniform are not permitted.

An online petition was launched on the website urging governors at the school to reconsider the ruling that girls can only wear skirts.

At the time of going to press, more than 360 people had signed in support of the call for ‘trousers for girls.’

Created by Clare Smith, the petition reads: “Currently the Painsley students who are female only have the option to wear a Painsley branded 20 inch long skirt as part of their school uniform. In the year 2019, we find it unacceptable that girls are made to conform to the sexist ideal that they belong in a skirt in order to look smart and feminine.

“We believe that all girls should have the right to choose how they look smart in either a skirt or trousers.

“Trousers are in many ways more practical than a skirt, particularly in winter.

“We respectfully ask that the Governors of Painsley Catholic College seriously consider why they insist on the rule that girls only be allowed to wear skirts as part of the approved school uniform and we look forward to their response.

“The school motto challenges us to ‘know ourselves’ and we the undersigned know that we deserve the right to choose how we look and what we wear.”

According to the school’s website, uniform for boys is a white shirt, clip-on tie, black blazer with badge, dark grey trousers, black shoes and grey or black socks.

Girls also wear a black blazer with badge, clip-on tie, black shoes and black ankle socks or tights with a red and white striped blouse in years 7 to 9, then a white blouse in years 10 and 11.

The website lists a dark grey terylene skirt in an A-line or pleated style, which must be knee length, for girls, with no option for trousers.

Acting principal at Painsley Catholic College, Rachel Waugh, said: “All parents and students are aware of the uniform prior to choosing Painsley as their child’s school.

“There has been a slight amendment to the uniform in terms of the Painsley badge being on school skirts.

“We review all areas of school life as part of our self-evaluation processes and are always interested in the views of our stakeholders.

“We have not directly received any significant demand for a change in our uniform policy but will continue to evaluate our policies.

“In 2019, Painsley was, yet again, the most oversubscribed school in Staffordshire and we praise our students for wearing the uniform with pride.”

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