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Pedestrian crossing given green light

Times Echo and Life / All News / Pedestrian crossing given green light
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24 OCT

Pedestrian crossing given green light

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A NEW pedestrian crossing is set to be installed on a frequently-used road to help members of the community cross safely after a resident launched a petition campaigning for traffic calming measures. It has been confirmed by Staffordshire County councillor David Brookes that a crossing will be put in place on Bridge Street in Uttoxeter during the next financial year with a view to making further road improvements within the town. Mr Brookes told the Times and Echo this week: “A crossing should have been put in place before.

Given the speed of traffic coming through Bridge Street, it needs something to slow it down.

The money is secured and the scheme is going ahead.

We will probably get a design statement through in January and it will get built sometime within the next financial year.

We are also looking at further improvements and potential extra parking bays in Bridge Street as part of our parking review.”

Mr Brookes had told the Times and Echo in August that he thought that an overall town parking review is “disgustingly long overdue.”

Uttoxeter resident Jeff Bate, who lives on Chamberlain Close, started a petition to encourage the relevant authorities to install a pedestrian crossing after experiencing difficulties several times while he and his wife attempted to cross the street with their grandson.

He told the Times and Echo: “My wife and I have a grandson a couple of days a week and we regularly walk in to town.

When we try and cross Bridge Street it’s an absolute nightmare because of the busy traffic along there.

There have been cases where we have had to stand there for three or four minutes before we could get across.

It’s great news that the crossing has been put in place.”

Mr Bate said he noted how he has seen many residents living at nearby retirement housing have near-misses with traffic along Bridge Street, this being part of his reason why he launched a petition which has over 180 signatures.

He explained: “Many of them have walking aids and find great difficulty in crossing town anyway.

I’ve seen several near-misses where they have started to cross but then had to jump back because of cars.

With the increasing number of vehicles coming along that road, it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Mr Bate expressed his satisfaction that a crossing will be installed on Bridge Street after campaigning for it for so long, which included airing his concerns at Uttoxeter Town Council.

He added: “It’s great news that they have decided to go ahead and put in a crossing, I’m extremely pleased to hear it.

Whether it will be traffic light controlled or not, I don’t know, but anything is better than nothing.”

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