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Pavements are obstructed with overgrown hedges

Times Echo and Life / All News / Pavements are obstructed with overgrown hedges
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Pavements are obstructed with overgrown hedges

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AN APPEAL has been made for an authority to tend to overgrown pathways in a town. The call comes from a resident of Uttoxeter, who wishes to remain anonymous, who contacted the Times & Echo with his concerns over overgrown hedges in Pinfold Street. He said: “I usually walk to St Mary's Church from 'Birdland' down the popular route of Balance Hill across the railway crossing and up Pinfold Street.

“But Pinfold Street has become the street Uttoxeter forget and is surely the most overgrown in the town?

“I bet the Britain in Bloom judges were steered well clear of this bit of Uttoxeter just minutes from the Market Place.”

He added: “The pavements on both sides towards the railway crossing are obstructed on both sides, pedestrians have to walk in the road.

“And although this is a cul-de-sac a lot of cars come down it to turn around and park.

“So pedestrians, children and prams and pushchairs should not have to watch out for cars as they do.

“Surely a major pedestrian route into town deserves better?”

The concerns raised by the Uttoxeter resident about Pinfold Street in Uttoxeter comes after we reported in last week’s paper of similar concerns in the village of Checkley.

In response to both concerns, a spokesperson for Staffordshire County Council said: “The issue with any hedge cutting at this time, even if the land owners wished to cooperate, is the bird nesting season which effectively ends on the September 1; you can’t cut hedges during bird nesting season.”

Cabinet member for Highways and Transport at Staffordshire County Council, Helen Fisher, added: “All land owners have a responsibility to ensure that their hedges do not cause an obstruction or danger to people using footpaths or drivers using the road.

“Any reports that we receive are assessed and prioritised according to their urgency.

“People can report these issues at or on the MyStaffs app.”

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  • There are many places in cheadle that are terrible for this , it’s annoyed me for years when walking my dogs by busy roads you sometimes have to step into the road when someone else comes the other way , it’s just careless and lazy by some home owners , they should be threatened with fines
    Written by Stephen edge, August 19, 2019 - Reply
  • Try coming on tean rd we live in tean rd just after the master potter going towards tean, I have seen today a family with a pram walking in the road as they can't get past the hedge we will see a accident happen, there are two households who dont bother if you want to walk from cheadle master potter to tean take care traffic is supposed to be 30 miles but if you live on tean rd traffic is more like 60 miles just get in touch with the owners who own their property
    Written by, July 29, 2020 - Reply


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