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Pavement a problem for pedestrians

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25 OCT

Pavement a problem for pedestrians

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PEDESTRIANS have raised concerns about a well-used link between Cheadle and Tean. The surface of a section of pavement along Tean Road has crumbled and overgrown hedges are forcing walkers into the road. Residents in the area are appealing for highways bosses to fix the issue to reduce hazards to schoolchildren and pensioners.

Cheadle resident, Barry Wright, has reported the problem to Staffordshire County Council (SCC).
He said: “The pavement between the end of Eaves Lane, opposite Dandillion Avenue and the turning towards Freehay just before the old Crown Inn, is in a terrible state.
“The surface in many places is badly eroded and presents a severe trip hazard, and that, combined with the fact that the hedgerow has not been kept cut back, would mean that any wheeled vehicle, such as a mobility scooter or pushchair, would find it impassible without going into the road.
“The road, along this stretch, is signed as a 40mph zone.
“However, few cars seem to keep to this speed making the hazard even greater.
“This is exacerbated by the large lorries that also frequently go along this road.
“I recently walked along this stretch and, although fit and healthy, felt very vulnerable at some points.
“I know that there is one elderly lady, who has to walk with the aid of walking sticks, who walks this path on a regular, almost daily, basis, and I fear for her safety.
“To remedy this situation, the hedgerow needs to be cut back and maintained, and the pathway needs to be resurfaced as soon as possible before there is a serious accident.”
The route is also regularly used by students walking from Tean to secondary schools in Cheadle, as Year 7 to Year 11 pupils who live less than three miles from school are not eligible for school transport.
Helen Fisher, cabinet member for highways and transport at Staffordshire County Council said: “Our highways teams do carry out regular inspections of our footpaths and roads and any problems identified are prioritised according to the risk they may cause to the public.
“Anyone with concerns about damage to pavements or the roads should report them to the highways team through or on 0300 111 8000.”
Cheadle Town Council and Staffordshire Moorlands District Council member, Cllr Richard Alcock, urged SCC to tackle the situation. He said: “The pavement is not fit to walk on. It’s dangerous.
“Years ago there was no machinery, but they had men out maintaining the footpaths – now they’ve got all the machinery and all the facilities and yet they can’t do it.
“I can’t understand it.”

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1 Comment

  • I reported a pavement on Froghall road nearly 2 years ago and still waiting for it to be done. I was told that it would be done in 60 days of reporting it. I got in contact with the council about 18 months after I had reported it and was told that the inspectors memory will have to be jogged. What is going on ? The pavement is now lower than the road and tarmac is non existent.
    Written by Alan Watts, October 29, 2018 - Reply


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