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Parking review on agenda

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22 NOV

Parking review on agenda

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A 'FUNDAMENTAL review' of town centre parking is needed in Cheadle, according to the town's council. At a meeting of Cheadle Town Council on Monday, members agreed to form a committee aimed at reducing parking charges in the town and resolving issues created by on-street parking in residential areas. The move follows an appeal from residents in the Glebe Road area, who turned out in force to ask for help in dealing with hazards caused by inconsiderate parking and speed.

At the meeting of Cheadle Town Council on Monday, November 19, resident Rebecca Stanton spoke during the public participation section of the agenda.
She told the council: “We have to pull out around the parked cars so as we’re pulling out we’re driving on the wrong side of the road and heading straight into the on-coming traffic – we’ve got nowhere to go.
“I’ve been verbally abused and had hand signals directed at me when my six-year-old son is in the car.
“None of us want to see that – we just want to exit our street safely.”
The complaints follow similar issues at Carlos Close and problems with over-night parking at Brookhouses.
The residents of the Glebe Road area handed a petition along with a letter to the town council.
In the letter, they said: “In the past couple of years, parking and speeding have become a great issue along Glebe Road.
“There are also problems with school traffic in the mornings and afternoons parking on Glebe Road adding to the parking issues.
“Staffordshire County highways have been informed and dealing with the problem for almost two years.
“They have visited the area on two occasions, but we are no further forward.
“The police have been informed on numerous occasions, but to no avail.
“Most of the vehicles that are parked in Glebe Road are not residents but people that work in Cheadle who will not pay for parking. They don’t realise the problems they are causing.
“Glebe Road is very busy in the mornings and afternoons with children walking to and from school, surely their safety is paramount?”
The council discussed the matter during the course of the meeting and agreed to set up a committee dedicated to tackling parking issues in Cheadle.
Cllr Peter Jackson warned residents that campaigning for road safety measures to be introduced would be a long process and that the installation of double yellow lines would only shift the problem, not solve it. He added: “I would like the support of this council to approach Staffordshire Moorlands District Council to look at the provision of long term free parking in the town.”
Cllr Ray Wood suggested setting up the committee. He said: “The whole town has turned into a car park and you’re living in cloud cuckoo land if you think the district council will provide free parking for people.
“We need a committee to look at parking across the whole town – it’s making people’s lives a misery and we need to do something about it.”
Cllr Stephen Ellis said SMDC should encourage people to use town centre car parks by reducing fees. He said: “The district council does need to look at parking as it has altered and people have been displaced all over the place.
“If the long-stay car park in Cheadle only makes £18,000 a year, there’s got to be something done about that – there’s got to be some financial logic in terms of taking that forward.
“Double yellow lines cause as many problems as they solve. There needs to be a fundamental review of town centre parking.
“We’re in a situation where people are not caring about other people – our own townspeople are not thinking about how they are treating and behaving towards other townspeople.”

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1 Comment

  • I live in a Rawle Close & am experiencing the same problems. Cannot see past all the parked cars & end up n the middle of the road. Also issues with people waiting to pick up their chikdren. Just an accident waiting to happen
    Written by Chris Kettrick, November 24, 2018 - Reply


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