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Parking charges on the increase

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Parking charges on the increase

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A TOWN council is set to hold a special meeting focusing on proposals to increase parking charges in the town. Staffordshire Moorlands District Council is due this month to set it’s budget for 2020/21 and among the proposals for expenditure and income during the next financial year, the council is looking to increase parking charges at its car parks including those in Cheadle, Leek, and Biddulph. In Cheadle, the proposals are for charges to be put up 20p. These are for parking in both Tape Street and Well Street car parks where the price to park for up to an hour will be rising from 90p to £1.10, for up to two hours from £1.40 to £1.60, for up to three hours from £1.80 to £2, and for Well Street where drivers can park for up to 10 hours this fee will go from £2.20 up to £2.40.

Parking charges in Cheadle were last increased, again by 20p, in 2018.

In Leek, the car parking charges at a number of car parks are set to raise: for up to one hour from £1 to £1.20, for up to two hours from £1.50 to £1.70, and for up to three hours from £1.90 to £2.10; while in Biddulph charges for its Wharf Road Car Park are set to raise: for up to one hour from 60p to 80p, for up to two hours from 80p to £1, and for up to three hours from £1 to £1.20.

Meanwhile, annual season tickets for the long stay car parks in Cheadle are set to be increased from £315 to £320 per year; in Leek from £365 to £370; and in Biddulph from £245 to £250.

The proposed SMDC budget is set to be debated at today’s (Wednesday, February 5) Resources Overview & Scrutiny Panel meeting at Moorlands House in Leek; and furthermore the budget is set to be decided upon at the SMDC Cabinet meeting on Tuesday (February 11) at the same venue.

Following concerns from members of the public about SMDC’s proposals to increase the parking charges; Cheadle Town Council will be hosting an Extraordinary Meeting to discuss the matter on Monday (February 10) at 7pm at the Council Chambers in Leek Road, Cheadle.

There will be no public participation section during the meeting but members of the public and traders are being invited to attend and are also being invited to write to the council prior to the meeting with their views about the matter.

To find out more about the Extraordinary Meeting call Cheadle Town Council on 01538 754288.

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  • I've never seen a traffic warden in Cheadle or on the car parks.
    Written by STEPHEN WILLIAMS, February 10, 2020 - Reply
  • Shops closing in Cheadle and they put parking charges up? We need encourage people to Cheadle not drive them away.
    Written by Peter, February 12, 2020 - Reply


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