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Parish council leads the way in helping the elderly and vulnerable in Blythe Bridge and Forsbrook

Times Echo and Life / All News / Parish council leads the way in helping the elderly and vulnerable in Blythe Bridge and Forsbrook
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26 MAR

Parish council leads the way in helping the elderly and vulnerable in Blythe Bridge and Forsbrook

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RESIDENTS in the villages of Forsbrook and Blythe Bridge are continuing to club together to look after the more vulnerable members of their community. Chairman of Forsbrook Parish Council Peter Jones said: “I am heartened by the community response and their call to action. “At this time we need to make sure we are all looking out for our neighbours.”

The Times and Echo reported last week that the parish council had appealed for ‘street coordinators’ to volunteer to help vulnerable members of the community living along their lane.

Helpers from the following streets have put their names forward to be a part of the initiative: Millbrook Gardens; Portland Drive; Churnet Road; Mount Place; Brook Close; Caverswall Road; Trent Road; Penk Road; Roseacre and surrounding roads; Dove Road; Cheadle Road; Dilhorne Road; Manifold Road; Lavender Avenue; Forsbrook end of Draycott Road; Stallington Road; Mount Road; Greenacres; Beverley Crescent; Elmwood Drive; Ash Grove; Adamthwaite Drive and surrounding area; Bancroft; Blithe View.

A spokesman for Forsbrook Parish Council also said: “A couple of people willing to cover any area, along with a Tesco employee who is offering to help (within reason).”

The council spokesman responded to concerns about the intentions of some street co-ordinators, stating: “The parish council is not asking you to do any shopping or take money/bank cards to do shopping for people, this is merely a way of helping vulnerable people to keep in touch with the outside world.

“We are a wonderful community and the response has been phenomenal.

“Already, the Clerk has managed to ensure two elderly residents have a contact in a nearby street should they need assistance.

“The parish council is not DBS-checking anyone and is not vouching for anyone’s character (it’s sad that we have to say that). We are relying on everyone pulling together to help.

“The parish council is not asking anyone to take money from anyone for shopping or do anything other than being neighbourly.

“We had hoped to raise an almost war-like spirit for our wonderful Parish and in the whole that is what has happened.

“If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact the Clerk who is acting with the full parish council backing around this terrible time.”

The spokesman reminded parishioners to keep updated with the latest Government advice regarding coronavirus, including the issue of large numbers of children playing on a recreation field.

They said: “Please, please pay regard to the governments advice underpinned by medical advice about social distancing.

“We have had several reports about the amount of children on the recreation ground.

“This sort of behaviour is allowing this virus to spread. Fact.

“Please keep up to date with the rapidly changing advice from the NHS and the Government and ensure that social distancing is adhered to.

“We are living in exceptional times where different ways of working are required.”

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