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Parish calls for county action on “disgraceful” footpath

Times Echo and Life / All News / Parish calls for county action on “disgraceful” footpath
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Parish calls for county action on “disgraceful” footpath

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A PARISH council in the Moorlands has called on a local authority to act as overgrown hedges on a footpath on a busy road is making the walkway unpassable. Checkley Parish Council is urging it's residents to contact Staffordshire County Council about the “disgraceful state of the footpath from Tean all the way down to Fole.” A spokesperson for Checkley Parish Council said: “The verges are taking over the paths and the hedges are causing people to walk on a busy road.

Unfortunately the part of residents’ council tax that pays for this is paid to Staffordshire County Council and not the parish council.

The parish council unfortunately don’t have the funds or the authority to sort this issue.

We do write, complain, plea constantly about this stretch of road to Staffordshire County Council and obviously nothing is being done.

So we are asking everyone, instead of emailing complaints to the parish clerk, who can only forward the complaints on we are asking residents to either log their complaints directly with SCC via their portal or contact their local county councillor direct.

Hopefully the more people that complain to both county councillor and council the higher the hope of getting it sorted.”

When contacted by the Times & Echo about this issue in Checkley, a spokesperson for Staffordshire County Council said: “The issue with any hedge cutting at this time, even if the land owners wished to cooperate, is the bird nesting season which effectively ends on the September 1; you can’t cut hedges during bird nesting season.”

Cabinet member for Highways and Transport at Staffordshire County Council, Helen Fisher, added: “All land owners have a responsibility to ensure that their hedges do not cause an obstruction or danger to people using footpaths or drivers using the road.

Any reports that we receive are assessed and prioritised according to their urgency.

People can report these issues at or on the MyStaffs app.”

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1 Comment

  • The road is very very busy and with no fixed speed cameras people seem to take the mick. I live in Lower Tean and the speed passed the dog and partridge is shocking. To the point I lost my cat on their and now wont let my other out. That in mind with the pavements how they are we are expected to go on the road woth a pushchair???!!!!!! Due to the over growth and poor upkeep that we pay for. The village needs support!
    Written by A, August 11, 2019 - Reply


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