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Online events to mark Fairtrade Fortnight

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23 FEB

Online events to mark Fairtrade Fortnight

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FAIRTRADE Fortnight has begun for 2021 with events in Uttoxeter moving online. Fairtrade Uttoxeter Steering Group at Uttoxeter Town Council are working together to promote Fairtrade across the town during the fortnight which was launched on Monday.

An online coffee morning and a virtual quiz are planned to help bring people together over the coming days. Fairtrade Fortnight is an annual national event promoting awareness of Fairtrade and Fairetrade products to help people in the developing world who supply food and other products to the UK.

Usually, community events bring people together and provide an opportunity to learn more about Fairtrade and the products available that support people across the globe as well as the impacts of climate change in the developing world.

The Chair of the Fairtrade Steering Group, Revd. Charles Dale, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic means that Fairtrade Fortnight will be different this year. Face to face events cannot take place, so the Fairtrade Steering Group has organised an online Fairtrade Fortnight, as well as organising poster and banner displays in the town and at local supermarkets, particularly Waitrose and Tesco. We hope other supermarkets will join in as well.

“Other events will include an online coffee morning and Fairtrade Quiz which will take place on at 10.30am on 26 February, and an online survey of people’s attitudes to Fairtrade and climate change – people can take part by visiting the Uttoxeter Town Council website and finding the link there.

“We have also been in touch with JCB as a major employer and global business and they have told us how they are working to tackle climate change. What they are doing is really impressive. “Fairtrade Fortnight has to be different this year – but we think it will still make a major impact by encouraging people to buy products which display the Fairtrade symbol.”

Fairtrade is a way of making sure that people who produce goods like coffee, chocolate and cotton get a fair price for these products, while their communities also receive an additional payment which enables producers to pay for better production systems, housing, education, and medical care. Fairtrade helps these people build a better future for themselves and their families.

Patron of the Fairtrade Campaign in the town, Uttoxeter Town Mayor Cllr Sue McGarry, said: “Everyone in Uttoxeter has had a very difficult year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However it has been even more difficult for people in the developing world, who have not only had to deal with the pandemic, but also have had to cope the impact of climate change, which is making it more difficult for them to grow their crops because of extreme weather and floods.

“The theme of this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight is Fairtrade and Climate Change. Buying Fairtrade products means that the producers get extra money to help them deal with the challenge of climate change and which can be used to provide better health care and education for their children. I want everyone in Uttoxeter to support Fairtrade and enjoy Fairtrade products.”

By supporting Fairtrade events and seeking out Fairtrade products, Uttoxeter residents can make a real difference to the people who supply everyday products such as tea, sugar and bananas. Secretary of the Fairtrade group, Dave Trenery, said: “The key to ensuring that Fairtrade makes a difference is customer demand. If people ask for and buy Fairtrade products then shops will stock them, and companies produce them.

“So we need people to keep Fairtrade and the Fairtrade symbol in mind. For example, every Waitrose banana is a Fairtrade Banana, and you can also buy Fairtrade bananas in Tesco. Lidl has an excellent range of Fairtrade goods, and every major store stocks some Fairtrade products. Look out for the symbol, ask for Fairtrade: the power is in the hands of the consumer.”

To join the Fairtrade Steering Group contact Rev. Charles Dale at: For more information or to join the coffee morning contact Dave Trenery at:

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