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Online appeal will bring festive joy to families hit by pandemic

Times Echo and Life / All News / Online appeal will bring festive joy to families hit by pandemic
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Online appeal will bring festive joy to families hit by pandemic

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A FESTIVE appeal has been launched by two Uttoxeter women, who are helping bring the community together through random acts of kindness.

Mum of four, Katy Roe, set up Facebook page Random Acts of Kindness in a bid to support people in crisis and reduce waste. She teamed up with Samantha Leyland to run the page and the pair have now launched a Christmas Appeal to provide gift bags for people facing financial hardship or loneliness over the festive season.

Now, the pair are appealing for donations of gifts and encouraging people across the Uttoxeter area to nominate anyone who may benefit from a special gift this Christmas.

Katy said: “It all started off when I saw a post on Facebook that asked people to post one thing they needed but couldn’t afford at the moment. The idea was to match the things people needed with things other people no longer had a use for.

“I shared it and someone suggested I start up a group. I set up the Random Acts of Kindness group on Facebook as I thought there were lots of people struggling with Covid, or who couldn’t get what they need.

“I really hate waste, so it made sense to encourage people to give away what they don’t need to people who do need it.”

Samantha joined Katy as as admin for the group and the two of them have since organised care packages and support for people across the Uttoxeter area. It was Samantha who decided to launch a toy appeal for families facing a struggle over Christmas and to collect gifts for others impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, such as those who have lost their job, are facing the festive season alone, or who may have to isolate.

Katy added: “We’re trying to help people who are struggling. “Samantha and her children are working their way through donated items to create gift bags for people and she is continuing to collect donations for the appeal. They are dividing out the gifts and collecting information so hopefully each bag will contain something suitable for each member of the household.

“It has just been amazing. We’ve been able to see people pulling together, and supporting each other, not just through giving away things they no longer need, but by stepping in to help out deliver or collect items. We’ve had donations from businesses as well, including Fourways Country Store at Fole and people have been really helpful both to us and to other people in the town.

“It’s just brilliant to see people all pulling together and helping each other. We’d just like to say thank you to everyone that has helped out in the community by doing their bit. I just put a Facebook page up, but it’s the community that’s pulled together and made it work. It’s all about reminding people that someone out there cares and providing them with that glimpse of hope in what has been a difficult year for us all.”

The two women are continuing to monitor the Facebook group and are collecting donations of gifts for anyone in Uttoxeter or the surrounding villages, who may be facing difficulties this Christmas. To join in the drive to help others, search for the Random Acts of Kindness group on Facebook. To nominate someone for a gift or donate to the Christmas Appeal, visit the group and contact Katy or Samantha via Messenger.

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