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New “very fast” bus service created for Moorlands residents

Times Echo and Life / All News / New “very fast” bus service created for Moorlands residents
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New “very fast” bus service created for Moorlands residents

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A FRESH bus service which is set to run from the Moorlands to the Potteries will commence at the end of the month. D&G Buses have revealed they will be providing a new 32 and '32X' bus service that will run from Tean, through Cheadle and up to Hanley from Monday, September 30. The Times and Echo reported last week that First Bus was rebranding it's own 32 route as 'Kingfisher', reducing services to one stop every hour.

Seeing the gap in the market, D&G Bus Network Manager Chris Almond told the Times and Echo that the company “saw the opportunity and we have utilised spare vehicle resource so that’s why we’ve decided to do it.”

He said: “We decided to go for putting on this service because First Bus have reduced their times and so it’s a sort of replacement for that with a slightly different route.”

The hourly service will make stops on High Street, Tean; High Street and Butlers Hill in Cheadle; Royal Oak, Kingsley (no. 32 service only); the Post Office in Werrington; and finally Hanley Bus Station.

Mr Almond explained: “It will be a very fast bus service between Tean and Hanley.

“The current fastest route there takes 40 minutes but ours will take 30 minutes, so reduces the journey time by ten minutes.

“The service will pick up at both bus stops on Cheadle High Street and on the way into Hanley it will go past the Potteries shopping centre.”

The “maximum” day return for an adult will be £4.50, for students it will be £4 and those under £18 pay £3.

A weekly pass, which entitles users to take “unlimited journeys” on any D&G bus service within this time period, will cost £15 for adults, £13 for students and under-18’s.

Contactless card payment, as well as cash, will be offered to bus users as a method of payment.

Mr Almond added: “The service will run for how ever long people use it for.

“We are hoping that it will do reasonably well.”

Kevin Crawford, Operations Director at D&G Bus, also said the move was “a great opportunity for D&G Bus to build on our current network of local bus services, which will benefit the local communities along each route making bus travel a viable alternative to using the car – for work, college and leisure travel.”

He added: “We are making bus travel even more popular providing a reliable and frequent network of local bus services which customers can rely on.”

The Mayor of Cheadle, Councillor Ian Plant, commented on the new bus service: “I’m pleased it’s taken off again and they’ve picked up from First.

“Anything has got to be better than nothing. I just hope people use it again, that’s what it’s there for.

“It will hopefully bring people into Cheadle and help people up to the Potteries too, so it gives access for people coming into and out of the town.”

Cheadle Town Councillor Jamie Evans was also positive about the news. He said: “I think it’s brilliant, I’m very happy to be honest.

“They have seen the opportunity and they are using their initiative.

“Someone is finally using their brain. We have been losing a number of services recently so it’s good to see someone is doing more.”

The full D&G 32 bus service timetable can be found at with leaflets available to view at Hanley Bus Station as the company plan to hand out leaflets around Tean, Cheadle and the surrounding area with further information on the new service this week.

For further information contact

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1 Comment

  • This is great news but will the school children be able to use their bus passes on it?
    Written by Amanda Hullah, September 28, 2019 - Reply


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